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What is mechatronics technology
- Nov 21, 2017 -

Mechatronics technology is based on the microelectronics represented by micro-computer technology, the rapid development of information technology to the rapid penetration of the mechanical industry and the modern industry with mechanical and electronic technology based on the integrated application of mechanical technology, microelectronic technology, information Technology, automation technology, sensing and testing technology, power electronics technology, interface technology and software programming technology group technology, starting from the system theory based on system function objectives and optimize organizational structure objectives, intelligence, power, structure, movement and perception Elements, based on the elements and the information processing, interface coupling, motion transfer, material movement, energy conversion research, making the entire system of organic integration and integration, and in the system program and microelectronic circuits of the orderly information flow Control, the formation of material and energy of the regular movement, high-performance, high-quality, high accuracy, high reliability, low energy consumption and other aspects of a variety of technical functions to achieve the best combination of functional value of the system engineering technology.

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