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What is the difference between a stepper motor and a servo motor and a steering gear?
- Oct 27, 2018 -

I believe we all know very well that the stepper motor is an electronic component for angular movement at a step angle. What we say is that the electric pulse is used to control the angle and the number of turns. Normally the pulse can only be tested and rotated , because it has no sensor, so this angle of stopping will be biased, but the precise pulse signal will minimize the deviation, which is good.


What is the difference between a stepper motor and a servo motor and the steering gear?


Then let's talk about the servo motor. It mainly relies on the servo to control the circuit and then to control the speed of the motor. So we can completely control the position of the rotation through the sensor, so the position control is very accurate. And this speed is also variable.


Then in the end it must be the steering gear. In fact, the main component of the steering gear is the servo motor, so it contains the servo motor control circuit and then in the deceleration gear group there is another point: The servo motor has no reduction gear set, but the steering gear has, but If it is a limited steering gear, then if the rudder arm steering angle is determined solely by the potentiometer under the output shaft, then the steering gear signal control is a pulse width modulation signal, so all microcontrollers can easily generate this signal.


Therefore, we conclude that the main purpose of stepping motor is to prevent the transient current from being too large or to set the motor to several kinds of motor with different output power due to the different operating conditions. We can replace the expensive inverters to some extent.The main purpose of the work is to save costs. In some cases, the steering gear refers to the steering device. In other words, it is used to manipulate the rudder blade. This is mainly to change the direction of the ship. This is more important. But the servo motor is STAND-BY MOTOR is used to Life, so once the main motor fails, the servo motor can be started in a short time, so that it can be well avoided to avoid the steering caused by the motor failure, and will not cause accidents such as collision.

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