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Which Coreless gear motor selection?
- Nov 16, 2017 -

Coreless gear motor is a commonly used gear motor. Is there any manufacturer producing better? Shenzhen Xin Baoda Motor Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, the company is leading the DC brushless DC motor R & D and manufacturing enterprises. Xin Bao reached the motor developed brushless DC gear motor with high power, low power consumption, ultra-low noise, long life, super excellent EMC technical advantages, with double steering, stepless frequency control, position signal output, electronic brake , High current protection, temperature protection and other technical features, but also with low cost, easy to use great advantages.


Miniature geared motor is essentially a DC electric motor, the speed is usually high after power, at least hundreds of rev / min, higher points can reach tens of thousands of revolutions, in this case, the motor torque is small, can not be driven Heavy things, but due to the characteristics of DC motors with low speed, high torque, AC motor can not replace this thing, so that we can adjust the DC motor speed reducer, but also through the electronic governor to achieve stepless deceleration the goal of.


Miniature Geared Motor: With high precision, low noise, long life and strong carrying capacity, it can completely replace the high-quality imported products of the same model with its wide range of deceleration, high power index, easy operation and reliable operation. Characteristics, and is widely used in various types of small light machinery, packaging, food, textiles, make-up (beauty) machinery, printing equipment, instruments and various automation equipment, production lines. The use of high-precision gears, and with oil seal, O-ring sealed gear box, the use of grease bath Run, with low noise, long life, small size, high power and so on. A wide range of deceleration, deceleration ratio 1: 31: 1500 can also be based on the user's special requirements for speed, separately. Equipped with miniature motor is divided into: micro AC motor (single phase: 220v, 110v; three-phase: 220v, 380v).


Xin Baoda Motor is currently implementing a global marketing strategy to continuously deepen market development and has accumulated a large number of high-quality customer resources, the current business has been extended to all continents in the world, in Switzerland, the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea , India and other places have cooperation clients. Xin Po Tat Motor's goal is to create China Coreless Motor Company world-class brands, the development of China Coreless motor technology standards, to build the industry's flagship to the world!

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