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Micro motor uses samarium cobalt magnet and permanent magnet ferrite magnet
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Most motor manufacturers use samarium-cobalt magnets and permanent magnets as motor magnets.

1、 Samarium cobalt has high temperature resistance (400 ° C), the color of the metal is bright and the price is relatively high. Considering the micro-motor, samarium cobalt is rarely used.

2、 For permanent ferrites, because of the high temperature resistance (around 400 °C), it is better than NdFeB, but it is unquestionable! It is necessary to make the micro-motor matching of the ferrite, and it is exquisite, the process cost is high, and the scrap rate is also high because it is easy to break or wear and tear.

3、 The permanent magnet motor using the neodymium iron boron magnet as the motor magnet has small size, light weight, high moment inertia ratio, high servo system response, high starting torque and power saving.


The following describes NdFeB

(1)、 People usually use the attraction and repulsive force of a magnet to drive. Generally, a radial symmetrically magnetized tile-shaped magnet is selected to form a ring. Sintered NdFeB is an anisotropic material that cannot be molded at one time to make the customer want. A slightly more complicated magnetization direction.

(2)NdFeB is also divided into sintered NdFeB and NdFeB, while NdFeB is more recognized by the industry. Magnetic properties have stable and consistent process requirements, while mold coils and magnetizing fixtures are expensive. If not a stable quality supplier, very few manufacturers will choose to bond NdFeB.

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