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Why stepping motor in robot design?
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Robots used in the design of the advantages of stepper motor:

1 For the same performance stepper motor cheaper

2 stepper motors are brushless motors have a longer life expectancy.

3 as a digital motor can accurately locate not hunting or overshooting.

4 drive module is not a linear amplifier This means less heat sink, higher efficiency, higher reliability.

5 drive module cheaper than a linear amplifier.

6 No expensive servo-controlled electronics because the signal originates directly from the MPU.

7 software fail-safe. Control board problem step pulse. If the software does not work or crashes the motor stops.

8 Electronic drive failure - safety. In case of drive motor failure, the amplifier will not work. When the servo drive fails the motor can still run and may run at full speed.

9 Speed Control Accurate and repeatable (Crystal Control).

Stepper motors operate extremely slowly if required.

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