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2017 China International Robot Exhibition
- Dec 07, 2017 -

The global industrial development has entered the 4.0 era, showing rapid development. China's industrial market has accounted for one-fifth of global sales volume and has become the largest country in the world for industrial intelligence and automation market development. China's "smart manufacturing industry" is embracing an unprecedented opportunity for development. More than half of the enterprises belong to the degree of automation The urgent need to improve the key industries, which industrial automation vendors is a rare business opportunity, more and more leading industrial automation will also be the Chinese market as an important pioneering goal.

      Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta economic circle focused on China's largest automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aerospace, new energy, mold manufacturing, power generation and transmission and distribution, electronic information industry and other industrial automation user industry, automation companies focus and full expansion The place of contestation To promote the process of industrial intelligence and automation in China and meet the market demand, "SIAS2017 Shanghai International Industrial Automation Exhibition" will be held in China National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from July 5-8, 2017, which perfectly illustrates the intelligence and innovation of industrial automation .


Exhibition theme: integration of collaborative services

Authoritative organizer

Organizers China Machinery Industry Federation, China Robot Industry Alliance jointly held the top industry associations.

High-quality buyer group, a huge audience of professionals

      More than 500 exhibitors cover the entire field of industrial automation, the exhibition area in strict accordance with the production and process automation, electrical systems, robotics, industrial automation information technology and software, micro-system technology and other product categories; industry associations to provide strong resources support, large-scale Organize enterprises exhibitors and invite users to the industry buyers, the same period of 2017 China International Robot Exhibition has been held for 5 sessions, has accumulated nearly 80,000 professional buyers and spectators to share the display of results.

Industry summit and professional forums

      Over the same period to carry out automation industry summit and professional forums. Focusing on the voice of governments, industries and enterprises, the "International Conference of High-end Conference + Industry Professionals" will promote the progress of the automation industry.

All areas show platform

      Multi-exhibition co-operation to achieve a complete industrial chain, compared with other professional automation exhibition, held in the same period with the CIROS2017 6th China International Robot Exhibition and 2017 China International Smart Auto Show. Gathering more than 500 user companies and automation companies to truly achieve zero-distance industrial chain interaction.

Rich media publicity

      Jointly tracking over 200 mainstream TV stations and professional media including China Central Television, Phoenix TV, Shanghai Satellite TV, Shanghai TV, CBN, People's Daily, China Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Sina, Tencent, China Industry News, Automation Network Reported that greatly enhance the visibility of exhibitors.


Range of exhibition:

Production and process automation

Control Systems, PLCs, SCADA / Sensors and Actuators / Assembly and Handling Systems, Linear Positioning Systems / Industrial Automation Data Acquisition and Discrimination Systems / Laser Technology / Measurement and Test Systems / Industrial Imaging Systems / Industrial Computers Communication, Networking and Site Bus system / Embedded system / Automation service / Pneumatic technology and design

Industrial Automation Information Technology and Software

Industrial Basic Systems & Development Tools / Factory Production Software / Factory Integrated Management Software / Industrial IT Software / Industrial Internet / Intra-factory LAN / Intra-factory LAN Solutions, Services

Electrical System

Servo motors and drives / micro-coreless dc rc motors / Electrical switchgear and equipment for electrical control systems / Electrical and Optoelectronic components / Power Electrical Test and Measurement Equipment / Wires and Cable Accessories

Micro-system technology

Microsensors / Microactuators / Microsystem Components / Modules Microsystems / Micro-Connection Technology / Micro-React Technology / Design and Modeling of Microsystems / Microengineering / Micro-optics and Fiber Optics / Microassembly / Rapid Microducts Development / AMD / Other Microsystems

Industrial robot

smart car

VR Technology

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