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2017 World Medical Robot Conference Held In Shenzhen On The 25th
- Nov 24, 2017 -

November 25-26, 2017, the Second World Medical Robot Conference was held in Shenzhen. The theme of this year's conference is "Belt and Road, Medical Robotics from Scientific Research to Clinical Applications", devoted to discussing medical robots from research to market applications. While preserving the main content of the success of last year's congress, it also set up exhibitions and roadshows for medical robotic projects to promote innovation and development of medical robots in collaboration with other countries.

Global scientific research, clinical, industrial integration of large areas of medical robots

The conference focused on cutting-edge industries of medical robots, scientific research to clinical, and then into the market as the theme context meeting targeted invited scientific research scholars, clinicians, industry companies, including more than 10 academicians and clinical organizing committee. It aims to connect and integrate the core strengths of medical robots in China and the world so that all parties can work together to transform the development of global medical standards through robotics and automation related technologies.

Four hottest areas, covered by global experts

The conference covers the four hottest areas in the current field of medical robotics, including surgical robots, robot assisted medicine, rehabilitation and nursing robots, medical robots and artificial intelligence, and invites professors and experts from all over the world to do themed topics in every field Speech, bringing the most cutting-edge scientific research information.

Medical robot project road show Zero distance industry leaders:

This year, the General Assembly will add roadshows for the medical robotic industry project and invite dozens of excellent companies in the medical robot industry to showcase the latest equipment of the company so that you can experience cutting-edge technology in a short distance.

An unprecedented lineup of guests, bringing together academic, investment, consulting and other fields of experts

The conference not only invited scientific experts from more than 10 countries and regions including China, the United States, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and New Zealand to participate in the conference, but also invited many well-known investment institutions and consultancy senior consultants in many industries Domain experts, all-round collection of information on the robot in the medical field of development, exchange, collision, cooperation, landing.

According to BCG Boston Consulting data, as of January 2016, the global medical robot industry has an annual revenue of 7.47 billion U.S. dollars. It is estimated that the CAGR will be stable at 15.4% over the next five years and a telecom industry chain will be formed in the future. The field of medical robots has always been the "crown of the pyramid" in the field of robots and in the medical device industry. Because of its complex and multidisciplinary cutting-edge technologies, it will bring tremendous influence and change on people's livelihood and industry. This high threshold and high-value field Also called the medical field of aerospace engineering.

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