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Agricultural Drone Or Will Become Standard On The Farm, Manufacturers Are Happy Farmers
- Nov 23, 2017 -

In June of this year, the new regulations of the UAV issued by the FAA restricted that the UAV should not weigh more than 55 pounds (25 kilograms), the maximum ground speed was 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers) and the maximum ground clearance was 400 feet (Ie 122 meters), while they can not fly above humans, and can not fly away from the line of sight.


Although the restrictions are still high, the new rules allow commercial UAV flight attendants to obtain flight certification through a written test on the premise that the UAV will meet specific weight and flight altitude. You know, before the introduction of the new regulations, Flying hand who have to pay a license to get the privilege of using the UAV, and this process is extremely slow and complex.


Therefore, the loosening of policies for the vast number of peasants and friends, really big universal Ben ah! You know, some of them have long accepted commercial UAVs - last year, a total of 45,000 UAVs were bought by American farmers! If we use drone machines to eliminate weeds and pests, find sick crops and dry areas, and spray appropriate doses of pesticides and fertilizers, the yield of crops will surely increase with bass bass bass. At the same time, the resources consumed in the production process will be reduced and the damage to the environment will also be reduced. In particular, high-value crops, including grapes used to make wine, are very effective. UAVs are relatively cheaper than borrowing small aircraft - the price of agricultural drone hardware, sensors and software is around $ 1,500 to $ 25,000. They work normally in cloudy conditions and shoot HD photos.

   Now that agriculture accepts the high-end UAV electronic products, then our motor industry will go farther and farther

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