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AI Will Make Human Beings Unemployed? Ma Yun Ma Huntong Do Not Think So
- Dec 19, 2017 -

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Whether intelligent popularization will replace human beings is a hot topic at present. Even if the era of robot automation comes, new employment opportunities may also emerge.

      Ma Yun, founder and chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group, said at the 2017 Fortune Global Forum opening on the 6th that there is no need to worry. He believes that technology development will create more jobs. For example, artificial intelligence will make manufacturing Practitioners lose their jobs, but they get more opportunities in the service industry.

      2017 Fortune Global Forum opens in Guangzhou on December 6, and "Opening up and Innovation: Building a New Economic Pattern" is the theme of this forum. When talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and globalization, the enterprise bigwigs including Ma Yun made relevant comments one after another. At the same time, guests participating in the forum on the same day agreed that the rapid development of China will continue in the future.

      The development of technology will benefit more people

      According to a report released by McKinsey's Global Institute recently, up to 2030, up to 800 million employees worldwide will lose their jobs as their positions are replaced by automated robots. In the United States alone, 39 million to 73 million jobs will be replaced by robots, but only 20 million unemployed workers can switch jobs easily. Due to the limited automation of investment robots, developing countries are less vulnerable than developed countries.

      Ma said that over the past 20 years, the Internet companies in the world have enjoyed tremendous growth. In the next 30 years, companies that make good use of the Internet will enjoy tremendous growth. Humans are smarter and more able to use technology than to be conquered by technology, and have solutions to any problem.

      Yang Yuanqing, president and chief executive officer of Legend Group, said that no technology has more impact on the enterprise than intellectualization. As a manufacturing company, now every aspect can see the shadow of intelligence, from R & D to supply, to production, the original engineers in the lab decided to product trends, and now is through the collection of user feedback, after large Data analysis to determine how to improve the next generation of products. Even the most difficult sales forecast in the manufacturing sector can help companies to achieve a balance between supply and demand by using big data to more accurately forecast demand in the coming month or quarter.

      Yang Yuanqing believes that artificial intelligence algorithms are based on the current business processes and logic out. Research algorithms, design algorithms, and decision algorithms are all human designs, so people do not have to worry about replacing people with more and more machines. Instead, people shift positions from low-end production lines to relatively high-end R & D and technology areas.

      Ma Huateng, co-founder and chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Tencent, also expressed the same view. In the past three years, due to the competition between WeChat and Alipay, China's mobile payment has rapidly spread. Ma Huateng said that the electronic cash to avoid counterfeit currency problems, no change, or even do not need to operate. Nowadays, mobile payment has spread to parking lots, vegetable markets and even temples, all of which make life easier.

      Ma also believes that the future consumer and manufacturing will be directly linked, there is no intermediate links. "For example, we worked with Sany Heavy Industries to try to turn manufacturing into a service. It changed from selling equipment to renting equipment. All 300,000 heavy equipment were connected to the back office to provide services in real time. Even the supply chain could be used to provide Financial services. Even agriculture can be integrated with the Internet. "

      Support globalization

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      "We only have 1% of revenue from the Netherlands and China is our second home." Frans van Houten, chief executive of Royal Philips, said Philips has gained a very high profile in China but still wants Continuous improvement, such as medical treatment, attempts to provide services in other areas such as the environment and health care. Marriott Dowden believes it is important to ensure that businesses are competitive and local and deep in order to win the competition.

      With Lenovo, a multinational corporation with 70% of its operations outside China, Yang Yuanqing said it is hard to imagine globalization without globalization. "I believe global companies are confident of globalization and we have to adapt to different markets and hope to be recognized as a local company so that we can better meet the challenge of globalization," said Yang Yuanqing.

      Ma also believes that the trend of globalization is irreversible. In the future, with the help of the Internet and the power of technology, globalization will bring benefits to 80% of the people who otherwise would not have benefited from it.

      For business globalization, Ma said business is not easy in any country in the world because doing business everywhere requires respecting local consumers and the environment. "You foreign colleagues do not make quick success and profit. China is a huge market. Companies such as Wal-Mart, Cisco, Microsoft and IBM have made great strides in China. What we need to do is to respect the rules of the economy."

      Autonomous robots planetary gear dc motors.

      Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, founder and chairman of the Paulson Foundation, said he hopes China will liberalize more industries. He believes the degree of opening to the outside world is not enough.

"I believe both China and the United States will benefit from free trade, but they will need reciprocity. A large part of the global economy is closed and not good," said Henry Paulson.

         More and more innovation comes from China

        The rapid development of China in the future will continue. The reason given by Jack Ma is that China's political environment is very stable and its social environment is very safe. Moreover, after 30 years of development, the market in China today is not only huge but also deep.

       "There will be a huge rise of the middle class in the future and their ever-increasing level of education, all of which will contribute to the rapid development of China, and most importantly, although China has made such great achievements, it still speaks of universal benefits , Open and inclusive development - that's why I have so much confidence in it, "said Ma.

       Stuart Gulliver, chief executive of HSBC Holding Group, said that HSBC is very focused on the Chinese market and has set up an IT Innovation Center in Shenzhen given that its financial technology is more advanced than the West.

       Ou Zhihua particularly optimistic about the Bay Area in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, he said that China's GDP growth is indeed slowing down, but it is an algorithm, not be fooled by the number of the next 20 years, China is still the largest investment market, it has been implemented Owing to its five-year plan and the vigorous development of the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Tai Wan areas, the PRD itself has a lot of innovations and thus has great potential and huge opportunities.

       In March this year, a total investment of 61 billion yuan in Foxconn 10.5 generation monitor eco-industrial park officially started, which is not only the largest single investment project since Guangzhou's reform and opening up, but also Foxconn nearly 10 years in mainland China's largest investment projects. More importantly, the project from contact to the signing of only 50 days, from signing to start with only 60 days.

       Foxconn Technology Group founder and CEO Terry Gou said at the forum that day from the project in Guangzhou, the Chinese government's leadership is very positive, they also have entrepreneurial spirit.

   Autonomous robots planetary gear dc motors.

       Feng Guojing, Chairman of Hong Kong Feng Group, also believes that the key point for China's sustained and rapid development in the future lies in the fact that the Chinese government has put emphasis on innovation and environmental protection.

       Marriott said that China has entered an innovation stage from a low-cost manufacturing country. "It can be said that our technology is exported from China to other places, especially in terms of digital, totally inferior to the United States."

       "In the future, the world should be accustomed to more and more innovation coming from China, and the fruits of our innovation will go from China to the world," said Yang Yuanqing.

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