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British Media: China Will Beat The West In The Future To Seize Control Of The Robot It?
- Dec 19, 2017 -

A large agribusiness has annexed one of its rivals, and in general, such things are not news at all. However, the acquisition of Blue River Technologies by the U.S. John Deere Tractor Company became the most interesting news of last week.

Blue River Technology's flagship product is the "lettuce robot" - a towing device that hangs behind a tractor and plows through a ridge of ridges. Using a camera and artificial intelligence, each plant passed by the "lettuce robot" is scanned to determine whether it is a weed and sprayed with a high-concentration chemical if it is a weed, but does not allow the crop to be stained with a little chemical.

In a slow farming field, this is a revolution. For decades, most farming activities have relied on farmers' indiscriminate spraying of pesticides on their fields to increase their production. This is far from ideal, unless the adulterer is an herbicide manufacturer: farmers have to spend large sums of money to buy chemicals and consumers do not want to eat pesticide-sprayed vegetables, which is not considered environmentally hazardous Blue River Technology was established in 2011 did not use a few years, the United States accounted for the production of lettuce 1/10.

The model that the deal underlines is much more than affecting the salads Americans eat. John Deere Tractor is no longer a purely agricultural company: in some ways it is still an artificial intelligence company. One day, people can put this sentence on almost any company, or even any one person.(Robots gear motor)

In fact, this process is already on. This week, Apple introduced the new iPhone X model, the most notable of which is its new screen or new design, but a so-called biomimetic chip. In the past, almost all of AI's most important tasks were done online - people gave orders to the phone, the phone sent the voice to the iCloud computing service, and the answer was sent back when it was done - but Apple's new processor could do it on its own The degree of machine learning, in people's pockets can be done, this iPhone is gradually transition to the robot.

Traditional computers follow a manually-generated algorithm, but the heart of artificial intelligence is the computer's own algorithms. In other words, the more data people give it, the smarter it becomes. The more lettuce the lettuce robot scans, the better its ability to recognize lettuce; the more questions people raise about Siri, the better the quality of Siri's response. It is this geometrical nature that makes machine learning both exciting and scary.(Robots gear motor)

This also explains why the Chinese are rapidly emerging as world leaders. Google's parent company "Alphabet" in the UK's AI thinker "Deep Thinking" asked the National Health Service to open up its patient records to develop an application that can warn kidney problems, the results of the negotiation took two years, up to now Still being questioned by regulators. In contrast, China has a much more tolerant attitude. In addition, China has the largest Internet user base in the world, and its population is also more willing to accept new technologies than the United States (cash payments have faded much faster in China than in Western countries). As a result, companies such as China's Baidu, Tencent and Drop are now equal in part to the American giants in terms of some AI technologies.

It is up to each one's mindset to cheer or worry about this, but Vladimir Putin once said that anyone who mastered the art of technology would become "the ruler of the world" . Equally exciting is the fact that Elon Musk, the Silicon Valley leader, predicted that the race would lead to World War III, and that artificial intelligence is always sensational.

But artificial intelligence is still primitive at the moment, and people have to wait for decades to create e-humans that think and act like humans do. In any case, the global race to seize the commanding heights of artificial intelligence relies on the notion that governments basically start such a race on the same starting line. After all, the vast majority of technology that drives today's so-called Internet is not developed by the government, not even by the company, but by a group of loosely connected fans, the open source community, the 21st century most information technology Interesting and rarely recognized facts. This is not just for everyone to download a free software if they do not want to pay for word processing software from Microsoft or Apple. But the very foundation that Facebook, Google and Amazon etc. build on - Web servers, cloud computing, and operating systems - can not work without the technology developed by computer enthusiasts.(Robots gear motor)

I am afraid that this unusual pattern may not last forever, and the amount of economic activity represented by this pattern will never show up in the official GDP. In addition, there are already many foundational innovations in artificial intelligence based on open source development. Chinese technology giants are also opening up some artificial intelligence platforms.

In other words, there was no clear sign of such a war of siege as the commentators were in a panic over the new round of hegemony over the world. Russia and China may be the first to develop electronic humans, but they are most likely to be acclaimed by a group of computer enthusiasts who are wearing pajamas at home. Or is this prospect even more scary?

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