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Brushless Motor—Sinbad Motor High Performance Power Tools
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Sinbad Motor launched a new brushless motor for hand-held power tools this year. This BLDC xbd-45100h motor has the highest power and efficiency, designed for battery-powered power tools. The high-performance BLDC XBD-45100H motor delivers high torque and control precisely, making it easy for users to perform the most difficult tasks. The high efficiency of the BLDC xbd-45100H motor allows the power tool to do more work after a single charge of the battery.



The BLDC xbd-45100H motor is based on the compact brushless motor technology for professional hand-held power tools including Angle grinder, paint sprayer, percussion drill and electric screwdriver. The BLDC xbd-45100H motor can output 60% more power than the existing Brushless Motor in the market .For most hand-held power tools, the productivity can be increased by 15% to 20%.



Mr. Yang, chief engineer of the Brushless Team of shenzhen Sinbad motor co., LTD. : "The high-performance BLDC XBD-45100H Motor defines a new motor performance standard for the hand-held power tool industry".



Shenzhen Sinbad motor is the world's leading manufacturer of Coreless DC Motor. The main products: Brush Motor, Brushless Motor, Reduction Motor, Servo Motor and Step Motor. It is  headquartered in Shenzhen and has sold more than 200 million motors in more than 26 countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan, Britain and the United States. Shenzhen Sinbad co., LTD is a new fourth edition listed company with enterprise listing code: 668319.

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