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Celebration Feast For High Quality Delivery Of XBD-2234 Brushless Dc Motor
- Jan 09, 2019 -

Celebration Feast for high quality delivery of XBD-2234 brushless dc motor

Since Shenzhen Sinbad Motor became one of the designated suppliers of military industry, the production has doubled under the premise of ensuring product quality. Through the efforts of all the staff of the company, more than 60,000 XBD-2234 brushless dc motors of the military industry were completed in advance under the premise of ensuring the quality and received unanimous praise from the military industry. 

In order to celebrate this very representative and commemorative moment, and to comfort all the members who have worked hard for this, Sinbad Motor Co., Ltd. held a large-scale celebration feast yesterday with the theme of high quality delivery of XBD-2234 brushless motor. After the celebration feast, all the staff were full of energy, geared up, and picked up the sleeves to prepare the 100,000 large orders of the military in 2019.

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