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Characteristics Of Brushless DC Motor And Its Application In Various Fields
- Oct 13, 2017 -

1. Precision electronics and equipment

As most of the electronic equipment in the electronic power supply by the DC power supply, and requires the motor with speed, stability, positioning control and other characteristics. So most of the precision equipment are used brushless motor drive control. Such as computer hard, floppy drive, laser typewriter prism driver, video drum drive, CD player drive, medical diagnosis CT machine, high speed dental drill, satellite solar panel drive, instrument ventilator and so on.

2. Industrial automation equipment

Has been applied to have high-end CNC machining equipment, has replaced the traditional structure of the DC and AC motor trends. Also in some industrial processing equipment also began to promote the application, such as industrial sewing machines, light printing machinery, food processing machinery.

3. Applications in automobiles and electric vehicles

Hyundai is moving in the direction of luxury, with a high degree of automation, using a wide range of plastic motors, where brushless DC motors are used in many difficult parts.

4. Application in modern household appliances

In 1984, the United States General Electric Company (GE) introduced a so-called smart motor, causing international attention, in fact, this motor is a microprocessor-controlled brushless DC motor. Because this motor has a very wide speed range (20 ~ l0000r / min), and low noise, high efficiency, can achieve a certain "smart" operation, it came out by the home appliance industry designers favor, In 37. 3W ceiling fan, can be stepless speed, and later gradually in the washing machine, air conditioners, refrigerators and other household electrical appliances in the application, so that these household appliances to achieve power, multi-function, automatic control, such as timing, Software program work. In recent years, brushless DC motor in all kinds of household electrical appliances are used to improve the degree of automation of household electrical appliances, such as room temperature automatic temperature control of the air conditioner, you can choose the type of clothing washing machine, according to the cold storage of frozen temperature Refrigerators and so on. Greatly replace the AC motor in the application of home appliances trends.

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