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China Is Becoming The Main Battlefield For Robotic Reducers. It Will Exceed 400,000 Units In 2018.
- May 02, 2018 -

Since 13 years ago, China has become the world's largest consumer of robots, and the output of domestic industrial robots has grown tremendously, from the previous annual output of 9,000 units to the current breakthrough of 120,000 units. In the past, three-axis and four-axis have gradually been dominated by multiple joints. However, the main market for speed reducers, which are the core components of industrial robots, is still controlled by Japanese companies. The market share of domestic reducers is still low.

In the past two years, the delivery cycle of imported reducers has been extended, and the period of 6-12 months has become the norm. Will long-term delivery of domestic reducers have the opportunity to open up the situation in the domestic market?

First, the giants of reducers on the domestic market planning - will only pay more and more attention

Foreign countries have been very mature in the design of advanced reducers, and their market share is very impressive. In the field of industrial robots, Japanese companies occupy the absolute dominant position.

Second, the domestic demand for reducer scale - breakthrough million, 7 billion

According to the statistics of the national authoritative department, it is predicted that the new demand for reducer will be 236,000 sets in 2015, 296 thousand sets in 2016, and 369,000 sets in 2017. In 2018, the demand for reducer will be increased by China's industrial robots. It reached 462,000 units.

Third, the status of domestic reducer

In 2015, the market scale of China's industrial robot reducer is about RMB 1.15 billion. It is expected that the scale market will expand to RMB 4 billion by 2020, and profits will drive domestic capital to research and development of domestic reducers. In addition, the inconsistency of the price of the speed reducer among the leading enterprises in the foreign market makes domestic industrial robots sincerely look forward to the development of domestic speed reducers. The good news is that China has already emerged a number of outstanding domestic reducer companies.

Fourth, the development of domestic reducer problems and outlets

To a certain extent, those companies that still insist on R&D and production of speed reducers without sufficient subsidies and support from the government should pay sufficient respect – because most domestic companies are basically doing reducers. Loss of operation.

So where is the way out of domestic reducers?

First, increase production capacity

Mass production has always been a problem, otherwise Japan will not extend the delivery period. If we do increase production capacity, we can shorten our supply cycle. To a certain extent, this advantage is not available in foreign countries. This is more effective than "the last straw that killed the camel."

Second, craftsmanship

The domestic reducer is really technically foreign. For Japan, the technical lead of more than a decade ago is now at the same level. With the emphasis placed on the importance and overall development of the robot industry, Japan has encouraged A large number of talents have poured into this field. In terms of performance, domestically produced products can already be used as an alternative to imports, but noise and heat are still awkward.

Third, collaborative innovation

To make breakthroughs in domestic reducers, innovation in the design of the reducer is inevitable. However, it is very difficult for a single company to make breakthrough progress by doing R&D for reducers. The joint industry chain and its peers are a way out. We must know that the giants are united in this way.

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