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China Sinbad DC Servo Motor
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Chinese Sinbad dc servo motor



-- designed a number of high performance brushless slotted dc motors for the medical industry




China Sinbad dc servo motor is the medical industry to provide a number of high-performance groove - free brushless dc servo motor


High speed surgical tools, dental tools, medical instruments and other small medical devices.



As the medical industry enters the dc motor platform by the starter equipment, the motor production design needs to meet the various applications of the medical industry with new technologies.



China Sinbad dc servo motor is small in size, high speed, long life, low noise, and can basically ignore the slot effect. The design of its high-performance no-slot brushless motor can well match all kinds of medical equipment. The groove design without core can eliminate the groove effect of core motor. Its non-core tooth groove and larger available winding space make the motor have more torque, low inductance and fast response rate than ordinary core motor of the same size. The minimum motor diameter of Sinbad high performance dc servo motor in China is 9.53mm, corresponding rotation speed is 70,000, rated torque is 0.2ncm, and the total length is 50.8mm. There are 2 - pole permanent magnetic rotor, 3 - phase stator and commutation sensor. Motors with diameters of 12.7mm,20mm and 28mm are also available, with a maximum speed of 60,000 revolutions and rated torque ranging from 0.6ncm to 10.5ncm. Its standard features include ball bearing with dustproof cover, stainless steel structure and rotor of ndfeb magnetic steel. The permanent magnet rotor allows the motor to run smoothly and quietly at high speed.

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