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Combination Of Micro-reduction Motor And Technology
- Nov 09, 2017 -

When we were in the era of intelligent robots infinitely, you know, one of the important mechanical structure of intelligent robot micro-reduction motor.

The miniature geared motor consists of a combination of a motor and a reduction gearbox. The gearing and decelerating of the gearing reduce the rotational speed of the motor and increase the torque so as to increase the use range of the motor. It is based on the traditional pinion planetary gear transmission Developed, not only overcome the shortcomings of the general needle pendulum transmission, but also because of its small size, light weight, wide transmission ratio, large torque, accuracy and stability, high efficiency, smooth transmission and a series of advantages. Miniature intelligent robot first joint to the fourth joint all use micro-motor, light-weight robot fifth joint and the sixth joint may use harmonic reducer. All joints of heavy-duty robots require the use of miniature geared motors. On average, 4.5 miniature geared motors are used per miniature smart robot.

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