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Coreless Motor In The International Development Level
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Although the international coreless motor market is on the rise, the market competition is still very intense. Therefore, coreless motor manufacturers are working to improve production efficiency, try to reduce production costs and improve product competitiveness.


Without a good design, there will be no good end product. Without good production processes and equipment it is impossible to achieve a good design. Motor manufacturers rely on new technologies in the field of machinery to produce small, lightweight, high performance and high efficiency products, but also reduce their footprint, reduce operators, accelerate production processes, reduce production costs, and better satisfy customer needs.


There are two cases of automated operation of the coreless motor. One is the production line operation, the production chain is used to complete one product on one production line and several production lines, and the other is single machine automation. Production line operation is suitable for single-type, large-volume products, while single-machine automation is suitable for multi-variety and small-volume production.


At present, industrialized countries use less production line operations, while single-machine automation is relatively more, and the situation in developing countries is just the opposite. This is because the vast majority of single-species, high-volume product industrialized countries have produced very little, and have moved to developing countries such as Southeast Asia. The general concept of foreign countries is that for products with more than one million units, it must be produced by a fully automatic production line. For small batch production, single machine automation is used, while for multiple varieties and small batches, manual online operation is used.

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