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- Oct 11, 2018 -

The characteristics of the coreless motor tightening system are mainly derived from the ironless core characteristics of the coreless motor. As we all know, the internal structure of our conventional motor must have a rotor made of iron core, but the hollow core motor has no iron core characteristics which makes it much smaller in volume and weight than ordinary motors. And the performance is better than the ordinary iron core motor, the energy conversion rate of the ordinary iron core motor is up to 70%, and the coreless motor can reach 90%. And its response speed is far more than the iron core motor. The coreless motor tightening system on the market is still based on a threaded structure, with the encoder and controller can also be used to feed back the tightening data.



Main application:

Coreless motor tightening system is suitable for large torque occasions like the automotive industry. For the tightening system produced by well-known brands such as Matou and Atlas, the coreless motor is mainly used in the automotive industry.

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