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Correct Control Method Of Brushless Geared Motor
- Sep 20, 2018 -

1. Speed control


The speed regulation of the brushless DC gear motor can be realized by changing the voltage. There are two common methods: one is to keep the conduction time of each phase unchanged. The speed of the voltage applied to the coil when the phase is turned on is changed to achieve the speed regulation. The other is to keep the voltage amplitude and amplitude constant, and change the length of each phase to achieve the speed regulation.


2. Emblem machine control


The brushless DC geared motor is produced and developed along with the digital control technology. Therefore, the digital control of the brushless DC motor by the microcomputer is the main control method. Schematic diagram of the brushless DC motor circuit controlled by single chip microcomputer.


3. Positive and negative control


Since the brushless DC geared motor is structurally different from the DC motor. Therefore, the method of changing the polarity of the power supply cannot be used to change the steering. The direction of rotation can only be changed by changing the relative relationship between the magnetic potential of the stator winding and the magnetic field of the rotor. The control method is to use a swaying signal with two mutually different 180. in phase to control the corresponding winding conduction, thereby realizing positive and negative reversal. These two signals can be obtained by two sets of position sensor stators that are spatially offset by 180. electrical angles. A certain logic processing can also be performed by an electronic circuit to obtain a forward signal and an inverted signal.


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