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DC Brushless Motor In The Kitchen Hood Use
- Dec 27, 2017 -

Demand is always the driving force of innovation, but also the purpose of innovation. With the increasing concentration of high-rise residential buildings, the problems such as overcrowded public flue, congestion and fume-inpiling have become important factors affecting the healthy life of consumers. How to effectively solve these problems while at the same time taking consumers' individual needs into product design into consideration? The answer is inverter hood.

    Speaking of frequency conversion, the first thing that comes to mind is inverter air conditioner. Indeed, since the 70s of last century, frequency conversion technology began to be applied in microwave ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other fields. In the context of the consumer upgrade market, Jinyuan Motor seize the opportunity to vigorously promote the kitchen electrical inverter motor and constant innovation, so that the original competition on the hood brushless DC motor market has begun a new round of technological innovation wave. So what are the advantages of inverter hood?

    DC brushless motor is small, light weight, with high efficiency and energy saving, good control characteristics, high reliability, long life, low noise and other advantages, is more and more home appliances replace the AC motor. For a hood system compared with a single-phase AC motor, the DC brushless motor has the following advantages:

    Speed ?? aspects:

    At present, the AC motor can only achieve the third gear speed, while the DC brushless motor can be stepless speed control between 0-1500 rpm, can greatly facilitate the user to select the appropriate speed, to achieve more precise adjustment, increase The comfort of the product.


    Achieve a double reduction of startup noise and operating noise: First, DC inverter soft start, balanced operating conditions eliminate the noise generated when the range hood starts. Second, the user can choose different frequencies according to the needs of use, between 0-1500 rpm, select the appropriate operating conditions, the noise is always in the ultra-low range.

    Energy-saving aspects:

    Energy-saving appliances have become the future direction of development, range hoods in the family belong to the daily use of electrical appliances, although each use of time is not long, but due to the current efficiency of the AC motor is too low, energy consumption is still great. The use of DC motor energy saving space is very large, through the test, the same air volume AC induction motor requires 180W of input power, while the DC motor only needs 80W. DC motors are more than 50% more efficient than AC motors in terms of efficiency.

    Air volume:

    Brushless DC motor itself has a high starting torque, overload capacity, load characteristics of hard features. When the user is actually using the motor speed is higher than the AC motor, the air volume should be higher than the AC motor.

    System efficiency:

    Efficient DC brushless speed control system according to some advantages. In the total pressure efficiency hood, you can be higher than the AC motor 7-8 percentage points, reaching 29.78%.

    System reliability:

    Brushless DC speed control system in the range hood has been very mature, the reliability of the system is also validated in many products.

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