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Decline In The Field Of Robot Deceleration Motor Industry Has Developed Rapidly
- Jan 18, 2018 -

The rapid development of domestic economy, exports of heavy machinery industry increased, due to the downstream market to force, especially the booming robot industry, geared motor industry prospects for the future continued to improve. The current field of industrial robots in the ascendant, sales steadily rising, the potential demand for reducer increased year by year.

Industrial robots are versatile machines equipped with memory devices and end-effec- tive devices that can perform various movements or processes in place of human labor. Usually in production, workers can do some monotonous, frequent and repetitive long-term operations instead of workers, or work in dangerous and harsh environments. It can improve the efficiency of production and product quality, and it is an effective solution for enterprises to supplement and replace the labor force.

From high-speed operation of power devices such as motors, internal combustion engines, to the work of the power plant, you need to slow down and increase the torque of the process. Reducer is the power transmission mechanism to achieve this process.

Geared motors are one of the basic equipment industries in China. They are widely used in the field of robotics and are mainly used in robots and joints. They can make robots and joints more flexible, changeable and flexible. As a key part of the robot, the cost of the entire robot production costs accounted for one-third. China's robot research reducer late, immature technology, currently heavily dependent on imports, it can be said reducer is a key factor restricting industrial development of China's robot technology is the inevitable choice to overcome the industrialization of the domestic robot business.

Among all the robot's core components, the reducer is the most important one. In the field of mechanical transmission gear unit is connected to an intermediate device between the power source and the actuator, which is usually high speed to power of the motor, an internal combustion engine to achieve the object by the deceleration large gear of the input shaft pinion gear output shaft, And pass more torque. However, when we are infinitely looking forward to the era of the robot, up to now, China still does not have the ability to design and manufacture it.

Throughout the global market, when Japan's reducer technology is more advanced, has occupied the industry hegemony for many years; industrial robot four families have been using Japan's Nabtescu and Haminac two companies reducer.

The other hand, China, despite the recent reductions in China's production enterprises to increase investment, but there is still some distance from the mass production. Although in recent years China-made gear brands, such as Suzhou and Nantong Kang green occupy some market share, but most domestic enterprises still choose Japanese reducer, have to say, its high price severely suppressed profit margins of domestic industrial robots.

Currently reducer development bottleneck of domestic production mainly involving issues tollgate, management and technology, which results in the production of domestic reducer can achieve in a very short period of time to grow exponentially, unable to meet the growing market demand.

Industrial robots usually perform repetitive movements, in order to complete the same process; to ensure the production of an industrial robot can be reliably completed in step task, and to ensure the quality of the process, the industrial robot positioning accuracy and repeatability demanding.

The robot industry is the fastest growing industry in China in the next ten years. As one of the country's emerging strategic industries, robotics represents the overall strength of the country's science and technology. Overcoming the robot core components technology is the inevitable choice for the industrialization of domestic robotics enterprises.

As an indispensable transmission equipment in the modernization construction, a geared motor is widely used in various fields of the national economy. For the robot industry, reducer is the crucial link in the industrial chain. Benefit from the rise of the robot industry, the future release of the market demand, the decline of the robot area, the rapid development of motor industry.

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