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Development And Application Of Coreless Motors
- Jan 06, 2018 -

With the rapid development of industrial technology, the servo characteristics of the motor continue to put forward higher expectations and requirements, making the Coreless motor has an irreplaceable position in many applications.

Coreless motor overcame iron core insurmountable technical obstacles.Cavic cup motor used in military, high-tech fields into the large industrial and civilian areas, the rapid development of more than 10 years, especially in industrialized countries, has been Most industries and many products are involved.

1, need to respond quickly to the servo system. Such as the rapid adjustment of the missile's flight direction, high-powered optical drive follow-up control, fast auto-focus, high sensitivity recording and testing equipment, industrial robots, bionic prostheses, Coreless motor can meet its technical requirements.

2, the drive components require a smooth and lasting drag the product. Such as various types of portable instrumentation, personal portable equipment, field operations equipment, electric vehicles, the same set of power supply, power supply can be extended more than doubled.

3, a variety of aircraft, including aviation, aerospace, aeromodelling and so on. The use of Coreless motor light weight, small size, low energy consumption advantages, can minimize the weight of the aircraft.

4, a variety of civilian appliances, industrial products. Coreless motor as the implementation of components, can improve product quality, superior performance.

5, the use of its energy conversion efficiency advantages, but also as a generator; use of its linear operating characteristics, but also as a tachometer generator; coupled with reducer, can also be used as a torque motor.

With the progress of industrial technology, a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, strict technical conditions on the servo motor put forward higher and higher technical requirements, at the same time, the application of the Coreless motor has completely out of the limitations of high-end products, is rapidly expanding at General civil and other low-end products on the scope of application to enhance product quality. According to statistics, in the industrialized countries already have more than 100 kinds of civilian products on the mature use of the Coreless motor.

The outstanding performance of the hollow-core motor in the domestic industry is still not fully understood, hindering the technological progress of the mechanical and electrical products in many fields and seriously affecting the technical competitiveness of our products with those of foreign counterparts. Many new products developed domestically do not meet the requirements of motor performance, and the overall level of their products is always far away from similar foreign products, which limits the development and development of many products such as medical devices, prostheses, robots, video cameras, cameras and Some special areas, even in textile machinery, laser measuring instruments, etc. exist in this phenomenon. However, Coreless motor production, due to its complex process, production automation far less degree of core motor, resulting in its high production costs, labor costs, but also on the skill level of the operator demanding. To the large-scale production brings many difficulties and limitations. The development of the Coreless motor in our country has a history of two to three decades. However, it has not achieved rapid development until recently, not only replacing the imported products in the domestic market, but also some enterprises have started to compete in the international market.

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