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Development Level Of Explosion-proof Motors For Generator Sets At Home And Abroad
- Mar 15, 2018 -

The development of the explosion-proof electrical machinery and components of China's generating sets has progressed due to the development of power electronics and power semiconductor devices, and they have mutually beneficial effects. With the rapid development of power electronics technology, the motor control has been widely used and has resulted in a new salary.

Now, the use of motor control module is mainly through the following three methods:

(1) The start and stop of the DC motor is controlled by the relay, and the speed of the motor can be modulated by switching the switch accordingly.

(2) The voltage division of the two ends of the armature of the DC motor can be modulated by using a resistor circuit or a sliding resistor to modulate the speed of the motor;

(3) Select an H-type PWM circuit composed of IGBT tubes. Using MCU to control the IGBT tube to make it work in the 4ZGB42RE miniature DC motor manipulator to study the switching status of the adjustable duty cycle and accurately adjust the motor speed.

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