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Domestic Reducer Instead Of Imported Reducer
- Nov 15, 2017 -

As we all know, the current Japanese reducer technology industry overlord for many years, with ABB, Fanuc, Yasukawa, KUKA and other famous international industrial robot family of four have been using Japan's Nabtesco and HarmonicDrive these two companies reducer. Domestic enterprises are also using a large number of Japanese reducer, severely suppressed the development of domestic industrial robot space.


However, with the rapid expansion of China's industrial robot market, China's reducer industry has developed rapidly. In recent years, with the vigorous support of the relevant state departments, the robot industry in our country has maintained a rapid development momentum. A large number of new products and technologies of industrial robots are competingly listed . Haishang is one of the representative enterprises among them. Haishang's capability of independent innovation and technology research and development have an industry-promoting significance for the technological development, import transformation and substitution of China's robot industry.


Since 2011, the wave of changes in industrial automation, major companies to actively participate in torrent machine exchange, involved in the field of industrial robots. Through the unremitting efforts and accumulation of dozens of experts in recent years, domestic enterprises have successfully developed robotic reducer with completely independent intellectual property rights and are perfectly applied to the first generation of intelligent collaborative robot products.


Domestic independent research and development of three-dimensional vector cycloid reducer using innovative processing methods, according to the reducer movement principle, machining special equipment trajectory controller, eccentric shaft eccentric amount of the program, the design through the automated tooling, fixtures and other improvements And to solve the current processing trajectory controller, eccentric shaft method and process, to solve the domestic processing of gear reducer core components of the problem. Can be widely used in industrial equipment, transportation equipment, hydraulic machinery, robot joints and other applications.

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