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Electric Curtains And Ordinary Curtain Which Is Better
- Nov 11, 2017 -

With the development of science and technology, people's living standards and working conditions continue to improve, electric curtains are more and more accepted by people in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, electric curtains have been widely used. Electric curtain products not only realize the electrification, but also through infrared, radio remote control or timing control to achieve automation, but also the use of sunlight, temperature, wind and other electronic sensors to achieve intelligent product operation, reducing people's labor intensity and prolongation The life of curtain products.

Electric curtains according to the operating mechanism and decorative effect is divided into different types of electric opening and closing curtain, electric lift curtain series, electric ceiling curtain, electric awning series, such as venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, organ curtains and so on. The current electric curtain system used in the drive are DC motor drive, AC motor drive and linear motor magnetic drive and other means.

DC motors generally use built-in or external power transformers, but the drive power is generally smaller, can load light curtains, noise is small, while its control circuit is more complicated. AC motor drive can be used directly 220V power supply, control circuit is simple, drive power, can load a heavy curtain.


Electric lift curtain mechanism used in the motor is divided into DC tubular motor and AC tubular motor. DC tubular motor transformer power supply (12-24V), the drive power is smaller, can load a smaller curtain, lighter, the control circuit is more complicated. Exchange tubular motor control circuit is simple, the drive power is larger, can load heavy curtain office office, exhibition hall floor glass wall; hotel, hotel clubhouse lobby; family house study, children's room, activity room and other small area Windows.

Magnetic drive linear automatic curtain machine is the use of linear motor technology directly to the use of magnetic drive power motor to move back and forth, so as to drive back and forth curtains for movement back and forth to achieve the opening and closing of the curtains. Curtain operation to achieve the motor running and track no contact, reducing mechanical failure, the motor noise, light and fast. The control method can be any remote control or manual control. It has changed the traditional curtain rope, wheel drive structure, put an end to the rope, the wheel easily entangled stuck, slipping, broken rope phenomenon, the fundamental solution to the problems curtains over the years, is currently the latest domestic and international curtains replacement Products, can be widely used in multimedia classrooms, meeting rooms, smart home, hotels, theaters and other venues.

The curtain machine has high, medium and low-grade, different specifications, the motor circuit protection design, in any case will not occur overheating and damage, to ensure a high degree of product safety and high reliability. In addition, the user can cut the curtains as needed, so the curtain machine is suitable for windows of any width.

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