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Energy-saving Motor Equipment Market Is Worth Looking Forward To
- Nov 21, 2017 -

In recent years, energy-saving motor equipment has been in a lukewarm state, but with the national initiatives to promote energy-saving emission reduction and the gradual implementation of energy-efficient motor subsidy policy, ushered in the rapid growth of energy-efficient motor industry.

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In technology, the ultra-efficient copper rotor motor of cast copper rotor recently won the medal of international efficiency of the world's ultra high efficiency motor energy efficiency contest (SEAD). The first ultra-high speed maglev permanent magnet motor in China recently Successfully developed; the first 100kW double-stator hollow cup motor developed successfully recently ...... In addition to technology, as early as June 2013 will be issued a "motor energy efficiency improvement plan (2013-2015)" and strive to promote the total effective in 2015 Motor 170 million kilowatts, and the establishment of the "National Motor Energy Efficiency Industry Alliance."

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It is understood that China's electrical system power consumption is about 3 trillion kwh, accounting for 64% of the total social electricity consumption, 75% of industrial electricity. China's motor system (motor and drag equipment) operating efficiency lower than 10-20 percentage points lower than abroad. It is estimated that the national motor performance increased by 1 percentage point, saving more than 260 million kilowatts of electricity each year. If all the motors in the country are replaced by high-efficiency motors, the energy-saving and emission-reduction of the motor system for 1 year will be equivalent to one-tenth of the national "12th Five-Year" targets for energy saving and emission reduction, accounting for 50% in 5 years. It is not difficult to see that there is a lot of space for the motor energy saving market and the energy saving effect is satisfactory.

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However, as far as the current market effect is concerned, although the funds for efficient motor subsidies have been increasing, their promotion has been relatively slow. The reason is the high cost of energy-efficient motor. A person in charge of energy-saving service enterprises said that he hoped that the price of high-efficiency motors would be able to come down. If the energy-saving subsidies and energy-saving power savings can make up for the replacement motor needs to increase the purchase price, then the motor business transformation is very easy to be accepted by customers. Energy-saving motor market will be better opened up.

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In addition, according to the development trend both at home and abroad, the implementation time of domestic high-efficiency motors is different from that of international high-efficiency motors. This also makes the domestic motor industry is facing enormous challenges. Should strengthen our policy of energy-efficient motor support, so that not only fundamentally fit the needs of the international market, but also conducive to promoting technological progress and product export needs.

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