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Foxconn Proposes To Build Automated Drive Lane After Investing And Building $ 10 Billion In U.S.
- Dec 02, 2017 -

According to foreign media reports, driven by plans by Foxconn and its super-factories, Wisconsin is studying the feasibility of building autonomous lanes on the I-94 motorway. Autopilot is already a well-established concept that California and Arizona in the United States also allow to test autopilot on public roads, but there are no dedicated lanes dedicated to autonomous vehicles.

Foxconn voted for U.S. President Trump, who promised to promote U.S. employment by building factories. Just two days ago on November 11, it formally signed an investment agreement with the Wisconsin Economic Development Bureau to build a world-class LCD panel plant in Racine County. The total investment of 10 billion U.S. dollars, can bring 13,000 jobs.

Foxconn presence also brought many challenges to the local, the more prominent one is the traffic problem. The factory will be located eight miles west of Racine's Central District, commuting to 13,000 people is a big issue.

One way the state government came up with is to allocate funds to expand the I-94 to eight lanes and plan to improve other roads in the area. Results Foxconn was asked to ask after planning ,; autopilot drive it?

This advice also allows the State Department of Transportation and Transportation to start thinking of the feasibility of building autonomous lanes. Allegedly, one possibility now is to build an automated driving lane between the Foxconn plant and the local Mitchell International Airport for the entry of factory products. However, whether to build autonomous driving lair is still subject to the final decision.

On the other hand, Foxconn proposed automatic driving lanes also show that it is very concerned about the technology. Foxconn said in August that it will set up an R & D center in Michigan where the U.S. auto industry is concentrated to develop autonomous driving technology. Allegedly, this R & D center will focus on the technology of autonomous vehicles, but whether Foxconn will develop a vehicle that supports autonomous driving in the United States is unknown.

Today's autonomous vehicles are still in the testing phase, and companies such as Uber, Tesla and Waymo conduct road tests throughout the United States. In the technology is not yet fully mature, the development of dedicated lanes is also an option, in the scenic area and some closed the first landing automatic driving scene is based on the same idea.

Last year, Madrona Ventures, a U.S. venture capital firm, also proposed to replace the I-5 motorway between Seattle and Vancouver with an autonomous driving lane in the next five to fifteen years.

Auto-driving changes not only the relationship between people and cars, Lei Feng network in an article pointed out that under the impetus of technology, road traffic itself will also occur with the advent of automatic driving necessary and important changes.

The National City Transportation Association recently released a report on the future of autonomous driving in the city. The report argues that the future of transport will be integrated into the urban construction environment, the people of the future city is likely to return again; headstrong crossing the road of the times.

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