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General Principle Of Servo Motor Drive (1)
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Motion servo is generally a three-ring control system, from inside to outside are the current loop speed loop position ring.

1, the first current loop: the current loop input is the speed loop PID regulator after the output, we call the "current loop given" it, and then it is the current loop of this given and "current loop feedback" value to compare After the difference in the current loop to do PID regulation output to the motor, "current loop output" is the motor phase current of each phase, "the feedback of the current loop" is not the feedback of the encoder but in the drive inside the installation Of the Hall element (magnetic field induction becomes current voltage signal) is fed back to the current loop.

2, the speed loop: the input of the speed loop is the position loop PID adjustment after the output and position set feedforward value, we call the "speed setting", the "speed setting" and "speed loop feedback" value to compare After the difference in the speed loop to do PID adjustment (mainly proportional gain and integral processing) after the output is referred to above the "current loop given." The feedback of the velocity loop is derived from the feedback value of the encoder via the "speed operator".

3, the position loop: the input of the position loop is the external pulse (usually, write the data directly to the drive address of the servo exception), the external pulse through the smoothing filter and electronic gear calculation as a "position loop settings" Set and the feedback value from the encoder feedback after the calculated value of the deviation counter After the PID adjustment (proportional gain adjustment, no integral derivative link) after the position loop and the value of the feedforward signal given by the position The above mentioned speed loop given. The feedback of the position loop also comes from the encoder.

The encoder is mounted on the rear of the servo motor and has no connection with the current loop. He samples the rotation from the motor, not the motor current, and the input, output, and feedback of the current loop. And the current loop is formed inside the driver, even if there is no motor, as long as the installation of each analog load (such as light bulb) current loop can form a feedback work.

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