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General Principle Of Servo Motor Drive (2)
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Talk about the impact of PID on the system of differential adjustment:

1, the individual P (ratio) is the difference in the proportion of the operation, it is a significant feature of poor adjustment, the difference is that the adjustment process is completed, the transfer can not be exactly the same with the set value, they There must be residuals between the residual value You can calculate the proportion of the relationship between the increase in proportion will effectively reduce the residuals and increase the system response, but easily lead to the system is even unstable or volatile.

2, the individual I (integral) is to adjust the output signal of the regulator speed and the difference signal is proportional to, it is not difficult to understand, if the difference is large, the integral part of the change in the speed of the proportion of the proportion of constant The smaller the integral time constant, the smaller the integration time constant means, the faster the system will change, Stability, until the final divergence of the shock process, the biggest advantage of this link is the amount of the final transfer is no residual.

3, PI (proportional integral) is the advantages of integrated P and I, the use of P to quickly offset the impact of interference, while the use of I to eliminate residual remodeling.

4, the individual D (differential) is based on the difference between the direction and size of the regulation, the regulator output and the difference is proportional to the derivative of time, differential links can only play a role in the regulation, it can be adjusted with other Combined with PD and PID to adjust its benefits can be adjusted according to the amount of change (difference) to adjust the speed, rather than wait until a great deviation before the start action, in fact, given the regulator to a certain extent On the predictability of the system can increase the response to small changes in the characteristics.

5, PID synthesis can make the system more accurate and stable to achieve the desired control.

The PID constants of the servo current loop are generally set within the drive, and the operating user does not need to change.

The velocity loop is mainly PI (proportional and integral), the ratio is the gain, so we have to speed gain and speed integral time constant to adjust the appropriate to achieve the desired results.

The position loop is mainly P (proportional) adjustment, which we only need to set the position loop proportional gain.

Position loop, speed loop parameter adjustment without any fixed value, according to the external load of the mechanical transmission connection, the load of the movement, load inertia, speed, acceleration requirements and the motor itself, the inertia and output inertia and many other conditions The simple method of determining and adjusting is to increase the gain parameter from small to large scale in the range of general experience according to the situation of external load. The integral time constant is from big to minor, and the steady-state value with no overshoot is the best value Set up.

When the position mode needs to adjust the position of the ring, it is best to adjust the speed loop (at this time the position loop proportional gain set at the minimum value of experience), adjust the speed loop stability, adjust the position loop gain, the amount gradually increased, The position of the ring is better than the speed of the ring a little slower, or prone to speed shocks.

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