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High Temperature On The Compressor Motor And Lubricants Hazards
- Oct 30, 2017 -

The heat in the normal operation of the compressor should not cause overheating. Normal motor heat, heat of compression, and frictional heat are carefully considered when designing compressors and have corresponding cooling measures. However, in actual use, due to the use of ultra-range, power is not normal, motor overload, refrigerant leakage, condensation pressure is too high and other issues caused by high temperature motor, exhaust temperature is too high, lubricating oil coke and other overheating phenomenon is also more common. Today Xiaobian focus on everyone to talk about high temperature compressor and lubricants on what harm:

1, prolonged overheating, not only will reduce the motor insulation performance and reliability, shorten the motor life, but also reduce the lubricating oil lubrication capacity, and even lead to carbonization and acid hydrolysis.

2, lubricating carbon after the lubrication capacity will be greatly reduced, will cause the crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, piston ring and other serious wear and tear, and even there will be axle, card cylinder and other stall phenomenon and caused by the stall caused by connecting rod breaking accident The

3, carbonized oil will also be in the valve plate and valve plate on the carbon, causing the valve leakage and valve pieces broken.

4, lubricating oil in the acidic material will corrode winding enameled wire, reducing the insulation properties of the winding.

5, acidification of lubricating oil can also cause copper phenomenon.

To remind you that the temperature of the compressor motor and lubricants is very large, so in the usual must pay attention to the correct use of safe use.

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