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Homicide Robber Turned Out As Small As Bees Killed Invisible
- Nov 27, 2017 -

Recently, a horrifying video was made public at a UN arms convention held in Geneva. The United States was in a panic. It was a sleepless night in Paris, Paris. Although China was not worried for the time being, I am afraid that we should lift the spirit of the Twelve in the future!

This video was released last week at the UN morning meeting with representatives from more than 70 countries. Why a common meeting causes panic in the world? Because it exposes a horrible weapon in human history - a killer robot! The killer robot is not the human-shaped machine people imagine, but it's far more terrifying than Johnson Scarlett in Ghost in the Shell.

Homicide robber turned out as small as bees killed invisible

First of all, it's a small, smart UAV, just as big as a bee, but its processor is 100 times faster than a human being and can evade all kinds of human tracking. Secondly, the bees are small and all-pervading, especially the black technology of its whole body: wide-angle camera, sensor, facial recognition, everything. As long as the target image information input to it, it will be able to scalpel-like targets to find combat, wear masks, disguise all useless, its recognition rate of up to 99.99!

Homicide robber turned out as small as bees killed invisible

Once again, each killer robot is equipped with 3 grams of concentrated explosives, to determine the target, an impact can be no pressure headshot, destroy the entire brain. And it can penetrate buildings, cars, trains, avoid human bullets and deal with almost any defensive measure. In short, this killer robot is currently a bug-like presence! There is no doubt that the killer robot belongs to this deadly autonomous weapons! First of all, it is low-cost. Secondly, do not underestimate it. Its lethality is far beyond your imagination and can subvert many nuclear weapons that can not be realized. For example, a cost of only 25 million US dollars to kill the machine bee colony released, you can kill half the city's people. As long as you pick out the enemy to define each person's facial information, bee colony can launch targeted attacks!

Killer robots are but one of these branches. Once widely used, this technology will escalate the conflict of war to an unprecedented scale and it will be very hard for mankind to control the situation. As the protagonist of the third arms revolution, lethal self-determination weapons are a disaster to mankind! Big disaster!

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