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Hot Home Is Not Careful Into The Pit!
- Dec 26, 2017 -

If Google released in 2012, Google Glass glasses launched a global upsurge of wearable devices, then followed by Google for 3.2 billion US dollars to buy high temperature intelligent device manufacturers Nest is stimulating the traditional appliance manufacturers awakening, a scale Huge intelligent hurricane over the Pacific Ocean from Silicon Valley ran across the land of China.

Virtual home virtual fire is flourishing

      On the one hand, the Internet giants such as Baidu, Ali, Xiaomi, Jingdong, 360 and other smart home products and software platforms have been launched to seize the household traffic entrances. On the other hand, traditional home appliance manufacturing giants such as Haier, Midea, Gree and TCL Touch the network, through the Internet to transform the original home appliances to seek future industrial restructuring and upgrading, coupled with the start-up companies and the promotion of capital markets, smart home fire burning in the country the more prosperous, and thus see Haier hand Ali, the United States right Hold Jingdong left millet, 360 ambiguous Gree, Haier marriage Meizu and a series of strategic layout of the industry continue to brush the public eye. 24 Volt DC coreless Motors

     Over the past two years, all kinds of household electronic products in the daily life have gradually been networked, intelligentized, and accessed to the Internet from the unobtrusive intelligent routers to TVs, set-top boxes, refrigerators, air conditioners, locks, sockets, Remote management control has become a common feature of all intelligent electronic products.

     The past, home consumer electronics devices are often cold machines, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, but since the smart phone APP can achieve communication with home electronics, it is equivalent to give the machine life, the owner on the phone screen can be remote Control all the appliances, make life more convenient and the machine has become more user-friendly. 24 Volt DC coreless Motors

Remote control does not mean intelligent

      According to Metcalfe's Law, the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of users on the network. As a result, the connection between PCs used to create the Internet. The connection between mobile phones and mobile phones has created the mobile Internet. Today, the connection of all electronic devices will create an IoT that is more valuable than the former two. There is no doubt that the future is the world of the Internet connection, but for the smart home, it is far from smart to connect only with managed control.

      Looking at the current market has been selling smart home products, most still only stay in the electronic products and mobile APP connection, the core functions are basically remote control, such as smart routers, smart air conditioners, smart lights, Smart sockets, smart locks and so on, and equipment and equipment, equipment and the environment and the management of data between the multi-point mostly mostly remain in a very primitive stage, in terms of practicality, ease of use and comfort than the traditional Of home appliances have not been significantly improved, which is the current smart home virtual fire is very busy and consumers are sit-on the important reason.

      The purpose of smart home is to connect the home electronic devices through the Internet to achieve intelligent management, that is, to make the device automation, data, and convenient management, and have a good human-computer interaction experience. Through a variety of household appliances operating data, horizontal and vertical comparison of data, energy use, home environment optimization, combined with the Internet content and value-added services, make life more comfortable and convenient. Real smart home, it should be to bring people a completely different comfort, this is the future of this industry. As an example from an industry official: "get up in the middle of the night, click the switch, the light suddenly lit up, it is dazzling, very bad experience, the switch should know that the user is now getting up, now surrounded by dark, this time lights Only 10% light, 20%, this is very humane. "24 Volt DC coreless Motors

Finding the entry point is the key

      Although smart home is a big outlet for the Internet of Things, there are also opportunities to produce a group of promising start-ups in this huge market space, but not any start-up companies just make a model smart home appliances take To the ticket. After all, relative to the rapidly changing iterative mobile phones, computers and other digital products, home appliances will be replaced more time, and vertical categories involved in smart home is very large, start-up companies can not easily find the right entry point into the pit.

      Relative to Haier, the United States and other traditional home appliance giant and BAT Internet giant's full industrial chain layout, there is no doubt that start-ups can only single-point breakthrough, through a sub-category gradually establish brand influence and user base, and complete the technology And the accumulation of capital. For example, from the universal remote control, smart bulbs, smart air boxes, smart switches, smart security monitoring cut into the business has done a good job, but from smart locks, smart thermostat, smart appliances into the start-up companies often have not Not warm.

      Start-up companies need to identify just the needs of consumers, starting from a more practical and easy-to-use category to gradually open the market, rather than rush to see what fire abroad to do what products, taking into account the Chinese and American families in the cultural, environmental and consumer The level of differentiation, it also led to the Chinese market is unlikely to have a second Nest was born. Although the smart home industry vertical classification of large, big play, small and small play, but a clear trend is that the market gradually concentrated to the giants, especially the Internet giant BAT and the involvement of the traditional home appliance giant may cause future "big fish Eat fish "industry reshuffle.

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