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How A New Generation Of Intelligent Robots Will Change Our Working Life
- Dec 13, 2017 -

Fifteen years ago, when everyone had a black-and-white Nokia or Motorola phone in hand, the highest expectation of the phone was to switch to a high-end color-screen phone. Fifteen years later, the phone had become an intelligent terminal for everyone. During this period, smartphones have eliminated landline calls, card cameras, SMS, and even the newspaper industry has only dying ...

If 15 years later, what else can we subvert our work and life like the original mobile phone, it must be a smart robot. The year 2016 is called the first year of artificial intelligence by the industry. The next 15 years will surely be the accelerated development of artificial intelligence for 15 years, and the robot is the key that artificial intelligence changes the world.

It is indeed the most important application of AI at this stage to accomplish the recognition of unstructured data such as voice, video and pictures through self-learning so as to "free up fresh people from inefficient work".



Imagine the human life in the robot era

Imagine a robot fully into our day of life: morning, gentle escort robot came to our bed, with a soothing wake-up music awakened us to start a new day; wash finished walking to the table, warm milk, The crisp bread was ready; at the same time as the breakfast, the robot broadcast the weather forecast for the day, the morning news and the work schedule. In the evening, when we got back home, we came to meet us with a clean, spotless room, a hot dinner, and even a vase of freshly picked flowers from the garden ...

In the era of robotics, robots not only play the role of good nanny, cleaning and housekeeper, but also fully integrate into our working environment: the company welcomes robots in the front desk, the cooking robots and serving robots in the canteen, and the working robots in the production line. Out shopping, whether it is restaurants, convenience stores, clothing stores, banks, or playground, robot employees and natural workers have been equally matched, providing a warm and friendly service.

Do not think that this world is still a long time away from us. The speed of science and technology has never exceeded the imagination of people. In early 2017, the release of commercial robots attracted the attention of the industry. This robot 1.4 meters high, weighing 60KG, imitation humanoid design, with sensitive video capture capabilities, superior voice recognition, and can achieve intelligent autonomous navigation and omni-directional obstacle avoidance. In addition, it can carry up to 100 kg, which is more than two adult workers.

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The reason why the publication of the commercial robot is so highly concerned is that it has been able to fully realize the "generation" service. For example, the restaurant can serve as a receptionist, a place holder, ordering a meal, quick payment, collecting dishes, delivering meals In the hotel you can provide the lobby welcome, baggage handling, settled for, advertising platform, online payment, entertainment platform, intelligent check-out, a key to continue to live, room delivery, a key Order a single service. In addition, this platform-based robot can seamlessly connect to hundreds of businesses, such as catering robots, handling robots, business robots, security robots and so on, becoming a 7 × 24-hour super employee.

At present, the service robots in China mainly become exploit tools through the characteristics of fashion sense, public language interaction, entertainment and companionship, while the commercial robots have the labor service function of replacing repetitive work posts, and thus can become 7 × 24 hour super-employees, Widely used in all walks of life. For example, in terms of entertainment, the robot has a rich entertainment model that acts like a mobile stage. The robot comes with Harman Hi-Fi, sound quality impeccable, built-in robot dance, KTV entertainment, virtual stage, somatosensory games and other colorful entertainment system, bringing more entertainment for interactive entertainment scene. In security, the robot can achieve sensitive video capture, enabling seamless 24-hour monitoring. Robots equipped with dual surveillance cameras support 1080P HD video, intelligent monitoring, face recognition, invasion, object loss detection (crossed or frame), which linkage alarm, effectively enhance the security level. In the hotel, robots can carry luggage for passengers, guide guests to the front desk for service, but also clean the room, pour coffee. It also provides guests with information about breakfasts and events and helps guests call taxis and other personalized services. In the restaurant, robots can help customers recommend dishes, orders, dishes, dishes, clean up dishes and checkout; at the same time, it can also perform robotic singing and dancing, robot boxing, etc., to bring guests a general surprise experience . In addition, the robot is still an intelligent marketing platform. Robots around the concept of creating intelligent business district and intelligent life, with super computer capabilities and speed, can operate a variety of operating systems at the same time, support for background management and control, enterprises and users of strong connectors, bonding users and businesses, Effectively expand marketing channels to enhance operational efficiency. Different from the rogue robots on the market, the robot can be used with rich peripheral accessories such as various trays and screens to enrich the robot's delivery and advertisement display functions, greatly expanding the application scenarios of robots.

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The robot has a sensitive video capture, advanced voice recognition, strong maneuverability, advanced autonomous navigation, agile omni-directional obstacle avoidance, powerful load handling, flexible bionic arm, rich entertainment mode, accurate alignment , As well as smart marketing platform and other top ten industry-leading science and technology, the future will become a hundred industries 7X24 hours business super staff, are widely used in hotels, restaurants, banks, real estate, pension, buildings and other services, alternative repetitive jobs for Enterprises to save labor costs and management costs, improve service efficiency, setting off a wave of robot substitution, and promote innovation and upgrading of traditional industries.

In the future, "artificial intelligence substitutions" will be widely used in what areas? Market research firm iResearch believes that the intelligent virtual customer service and face recognition technology are the hot areas of the current application of artificial intelligence services, "In addition, there are intelligent hardware, robotics applications, through artificial intelligence to achieve interactive mode In the field of virtual scene service, visual technology and speech recognition technology can be changed to change the way of visual presentation and interaction, simulate real scenes and interact through somatosensory or language interaction; in the field of security and safety, Through a variety of identification technology, intelligent cameras and anti-theft lock to achieve rapid identification. "

To some extent, the advent of the robot, make people more clearly see the real needs of the market. Service robot to become a real member of the business, not only need to have the appearance of personification, but also need to really give the machine "wisdom" and have "practical" function. Industry sources said it has become a trend to use robots instead of humans to do "things people can not do" and "people do not want to do things."

We can foresee that the introduction of the robot will create an intelligent marketing platform for restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, retirees, buildings, and finance industries, which will help the store to transform consumers into highly viscous and sustainable consumers. With powerful performance, Various types of enterprises in the service sector repetitive job needs, and can replace the corresponding positions for the enterprise to save manpower and management costs, improve service efficiency, so as to achieve sustained profitability of the business of the fundamental purpose. In fact, the robot world is not far away from us. The robot shows us that we are getting closer to a world where various robots give us services and entertainment, a world that is getting smarter and more convenient.

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