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In 2018 Industrial Robot Investment Will Get Faster Returns
- Jan 19, 2018 -

How to calculate robot ROI?

ROI is the economic return obtained from investing in commercial activities. The ROI reflects the comprehensive profitability of an investment center. Industrial plant investment Industrial robots can use a systematic method to calculate its return on investment. The cost of a robot is actually just a part of the factory cost. When you look at a robotic system, its cost includes three parts, namely, system integration, transportation, and safety.

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The robot is worth investing, the best way is to refer to the return on investment, then the return on investment is how to calculate? Usually return on investment (ROI) = annual profit or average annual profit / total investment × 100%, in the investment in industrial robots, the profit is the robot generated by the value of manpower, this should be based on labor costs in different places to convert.

In theory, industrial robots can get their costs back in just a few months where some labor costs are high, such as North America. For some factory users, buying a robot is more cost effective than hiring human labor, and the return on investment depends on what the client's goals are and how much the robot has transformed into valuable. So, on the factory line, higher yields can be achieved by optimizing production processes and configuring automation equipment flexibly, which also results in a higher return on investment.

Robot applications continue to expand

In the past few decades, industrial robots are mainly used in the automotive industry. However, in recent years, due to the cheaper robot, some non-automobile industry companies began to consider the use of robots. Although the automotive industry is still a large part of the market for robots, many industrial robot faces are now seen in industries such as food, consumer products, aerospace and metals.

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Machine replacement to promote skills upgrading

The use of industrial machines substitution does not mean robots robbed of people's work, from the status quo it solves the problem of manpower shortage, even if the labor shortage is not the case, more is the transfer of jobs, the low-skilled Work is handed over to robots, humans are engaged in higher-end and higher value returns and jobs. With the rapid development of Internet technology, online shopping has gradually become people's living habits. A large number of goods need express transportation. According to industry analysis, there are currently 600,000 vacancies in the logistics industry. Staffing in the logistics industry is quite difficult, and labor can not meet the needs of the industry.

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