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In The Use Of Permanent Magnet DC Gear Motor Need To Pay Attention To What
- Oct 13, 2017 -

First, in the use of permanent magnet DC gear motor need to pay attention to are:

1. Low speed, high torque models to take current limiting protection method to prevent the occurrence of stall caused by damage to the gear reducer;

2. Motor in the instantaneous reversal, will produce a large current, affecting the motor life, frequent commutation should be completely stopped when the motor switch;

3. If it is difficult to avoid stalling in use, please inform the Company in advance, according to take the necessary measures;

4. When using the remote control for the control of the motor interference signal, the installation can be between the positive and negative welding 0.1uF (63V) of the capacitor, the negative ground;

5. Permanent magnet DC motor low stall torque is 5-6 times the rated torque, in the installation, commissioning, use should try to avoid stall phenomenon.

Second, in the choice of permanent magnet DC gear motor need to pay attention to are:

1. Select the motor in the bulk use before the prototype test to confirm the rated speed, rated torque, voltage, current is the condition, if close can be considered reasonable, you can use. If the deviation is necessary to change the type, or can not guarantee the service life and quality;

2. Reasonable choice of gear gear motor basic conditions, is the rated voltage, rated speed, rated torque three indicators;

3. Each model of the parameters listed in the performance indicators of the highest efficiency refers to the rated speed and rated torque for reference selection, gear motor rated motor is an important basis for the design of the motor, in the vicinity of the rated point of its The highest efficiency, the most stable performance;

4. Under maximum deceleration and low speed conditions, refer to the maximum allowable load and speed in the performance parameter table. Operating at maximum allowable load and speed conditions will reduce the service life of the gear unit or directly damage the gear reducer.

Third, in the installation of permanent magnet DC gear motor need to pay attention to are:

1. Gear reducer output shaft mounted on the components shall not be forced to knock down, so as not to jump up and down too large, the installation of circular gear box to control the length of the installation of screws, screws screwed too long will be the top of the box structure Pieces

2. Do not rotate the gear unit directly at the output, which may cause damage to the internal gear.

3. Before commissioning to power test check to confirm whether the performance is required to re-install. Not to dismantle the reducer, so as not to affect the noise and quality;

4. Lead is not enough to pull, the terminal should not impact and transition bending, otherwise it will lead to internal conduction bad;

5. Weld the end of the motor should be completed before the machine, the wire to use the appropriate electric soldering iron and solder, the operation should be skilled and fast, it is generally recommended to use 40W soldering iron, tip temperature of 320 ± 20 °, welding time 2-3 second. Welding time is too long will cause the motor internal desoldering, resulting in poor power.

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