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Industrial Robot Application Industry Do You Know?
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Hard working, no salary, no complaints

Do you like this kind of employee?

The answer is yes.

Industrial robot is such a perfect employee,

With great selfless dedication in all walks of life.


So the question is coming

Eighteen robot martial arts are in what industries?

Top time to!

Come and update your knowledge base.


Robotics planetary gear motor



Automotive Manufacturing


Four major car production processes and the production of key car parts require the participation of industrial robots. In automobile body production, a large number of die-casting, welding, testing, stamping, spraying and other applications, are currently involved in the completion of industrial robots, especially the welding line, a welding line there is a large number of industrial robots, a higher degree of automation. Modern robots in the car forging shop, press shop, engine shop, painting shop, welding shop have a great use of force.


3C industry


For example, in the field of mobile phone production, visual robots such as sorting and packing, tearing film system, laser plastic welding, high-speed four-axis code Robots and other suitable for touch screen detection, scrub, foil and a series of automated processes. How to transplant the traditional industrial robots technology to the 3C industry is a challenging issue that the robot manufacturing enterprises must face now.


Rubber and plastics industry


Plastic raw materials are processed into fine and durable finished or semi-finished products by injection molding machines and tools, often with industrial robots. Industrial robots are not only suitable for operating under cleanroom environmental standards, but also performing high-intensity operations next to injection molding machines to increase the economic benefits of various processes. Industrial robots fast, efficient, flexible, durable and strong load-bearing advantages to ensure that plastics companies in the market competitive advantage.


Food and beverage industry


Robotics in the food and beverage packaging industry are basically in the form of workstations. From sorting to packaging, palletizing and even handling are all done by robots, not only testing the technical layout of the automated production lines, but also putting a higher cost pressure on them. Several robots from modern robots are working in the food and beverage industry, for example, professional solutions such as chocolate handling, ramen handling and film handling.


Casting industry


Performing multiple jobs in extreme working conditions - Foundry operations burden workers and machinery. Robot with its modular structure design, flexible control system, dedicated application software to meet the casting industry, the highest automation applications. It is not only waterproof, but also resistant to dirt and heat. The robot can be located directly beside the injection molding machine, inside and above for removing the workpiece. In addition, it reliably connects the process unit to the production unit. In addition, robots perform exceptionally well in finishing work such as burrs, grinding or drilling, and quality inspection.


Chemical Industry


The chemical industry is one of the major application areas for industrial robots. Currently used in the chemical industry, the main clean robot and its automation equipment are atmospheric robot, vacuum manipulator, clean coating robot, clean AGV, RGV and clean logistics automatic transmission system.


Metallurgical industry


Industrial robots The main areas of work in the metallurgical industry include drilling, milling or cutting, and bending and punching processes. In addition, it also reduces the work cycle of welding, installation, loading and unloading processes and increases productivity. Even in the foundry field, robots have demonstrated their extraordinary strength, it has long life, high temperature, water and dirt and other advantages.

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