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Intelligent Servo Motor Will Be Widely Used
- Oct 13, 2017 -

In the general servo drive on the basis of the addition of some PLC and motion control functions, coupled with its own network communication function, the formation of a separate single-axis motion controller, independent of a certain degree of motion control functions, such as: point to point positioning , Can be widely used in automated production lines and other applications.

In recent years, Huazhong NC, Guangzhou CNC, aerospace CNC, in the Sheng technology and other servo drives and motor products have entered the industrialization stage, but also mainly concentrated in the CNC machine tool industry, power specifications in more than 400W, not for the entire automation Control industry to form a full range of standard products. As China's manufacturing power, in addition to CNC machine tool industry, other industries on the specifications of the demand for servo motor growth year by year, to this end, foreign servo motor manufacturers have planned or have been set up wholly-owned domestic factories, the use of local resources and cheap labor , Mass production of a variety of general-purpose servo motor products.

Domestic servo motor design and production technology has been tending to improve, mainly to the standardization, serialization, large-scale direction, only a certain size in order to have high reliability and low price and competitive products. But the domestic servo motor full digital drive technology is still relatively backward, mainly limited to the lack of practical motor digital control algorithm and high reliability of the power module, which greatly limits the promotion of domestic servo motor.

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