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Introduction Of Various Motor Speed Range
- Sep 12, 2018 -

First, let's first talk about stepper motor. We all know that the advantage of stepper motor is low speed and high torque, which can achieve precise positioning. Therefore, the stepping motor is not suitable for use in high speed situations, so the stepping motor generally rotates between 0 and 300 rpm. If it exceeds 300, the motor torque drops rapidly.


2, the second we talk about the step-and-loop loop, the step-and-loop loop is always classified in the stepper motor, so it has the same properties as the stepping, but because of the encoder, it also makes it more than the normal stepping speed. The motor has a small part of the lift, or used within the zero limit of the stepper motor, so the closed loop motor speed can be used between 200-800 rpm.


3. The characteristics of the brushless motor are small torque. The faster the speed, the greater the force of the motor's rotary output. At low speeds, the force of the motor is smaller and it is impossible to accurately position. Therefore, this type of motor is generally suitable for 2000-3000 rpm.


4, brushless servo This kind of motor wants to be better for the brushless motor, but it is far worse than the servo motor, the brushless servo also relies on the pulse to control the speed, but the speed will also fluctuate up and down, compared to the brushless The motor will be better. Similarly, if the motor has a large load, the brushless servo will have a certain inertia so that the motor will not stop immediately, which means that the brushless servo can not be accurately positioned. This type of motor can be used at 700-2500 rpm


5, servo motor, this is the most widely used and most accurate motor in the industrial control industry, this motor can achieve constant torque output, so that the motor can output the same torque at any speed, so this Class motors can be used at 0-3000 rpm.

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