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Inventory 2017 High Fair Unique Peculiar Service Robot
- Dec 25, 2017 -

From November 16, the six-day 19th China International Hi-Tech Fair officially came to an end yesterday. High-tech Fair robot show as a gathering place for network red and black technology is always able to attract the attention of countless people, including "looks" Meng Meng, cute, but also a "skills" service robots is to make the audience reluctant to leave .

Here's a peculiar, fun service robot for this year's high-tech fair:

1. New products gathered eggs hard booth

coreless motors for Robot.jpg

coreless motors for Robot 1.jpg

coreless motors for Robot 3.jpg

Domestic service robot leader with their latest products, debut hard eggs booth, close interaction with the audience in the exhibition area.

2.Brain control robot

coreless motors for Robot 4.jpg

See the name of this robot, startled: Is the robot to manipulate my brain? After a closer look, this brain control robot originally helped to improve the efficiency of the brain through games and competitive entertainment forms, and gradually led people to learn how to control the brain's excitement and inhibition skills by using standardized, standardized and quantitative methods. Such as memory, concentration, logic analysis, language, emotional intelligence and other efficient ways of thinking. Brain control robot game in various forms, a racing game, brain control shooting games, brain control tank games, brain control chase games.

3.Small π Internet of Things robot

coreless motors for Robot 5.jpg

Small π is Odd smart brand Odd platform specifically for different sections of the show, there is a smart office workplace Superman small π, intelligent home caregiver Small π, Park Intelligent Park small π, smart hotel business trip Prince Small π, smart city future messenger small π and so on. He will bring people the ultimate interactive experience and meticulous health care. Odd Intelligence integrates many devices connected by different protocols in the current market through the small π, and obtains the data through the perception of the front-end sensor and makes the analysis after the response.

4.Steward robot

coreless motors for Robot 6.jpg

Robots for business and home users to provide more user-friendly service, called intimate Explorer. It can perform deep voice interaction, and also has a qualitative leap in robot vision, autonomous positioning and navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, motion control, and robot module design. In addition, it can build an indoor map with one click and precisely map the map. Dynamic perception of the surrounding environment information and analysis, planning a better path to walk, on call.

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