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Is Your Motor Okay? Vibration Motor Maintenance Raiders
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Vibration motor is now widely used in vibration machinery, that is, the use of vibration motor covers the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and other hundreds of industries, in various industries in the vibrating motor work environment are not the same, so for the vibration of the motor Daily maintenance are also different. So we should always observe the vibration motor static and dynamic state of the situation, found that the problem in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary damage, resulting in the impact of work and unnecessary waste.


Static observation, in the equipment before each operation should be used to knock the vibration of the motor with a small head of the foot screw is loose, by visual and and straight up the percussion to judge, if loose will cause the vibration motor at work By the reaction is not uniform, it is easy to cause the motor tear and burn.

Dynamic observation, is in the process of vibration motor to listen to the operation of the sound. If the sound appears abnormal sound need to stop the inspection. In accordance with the requirements of the instructions on the refueling, vibration motor bearing oil too much, too little is not conducive to the normal operation of the vibration motor, the exception should always observe the vibration motor in different environments when the temperature rise, the temperature rise too high Also shows that the vibration motor is not normal, not timely repair will cause the motor too fast damage.

How to make your vibration motor life longer


For your vibration motor life longer, we should pay attention to when using:

1, check the appearance of the motor without cracks, the fastening screws and parts are complete, worry about the fixed situation is good.

2, check the vibration motor drive mechanism is reliable.

3, according to the nameplate data, such as voltage, power, frequency, connection, speed and power, load comparison is consistent.

4, the new or long-term disabled motor, before use should check the winding and winding insulation resistance. Usually 500V below the motor with 500V insulation resistance table; 500-1000V motor with 1000V insulation resistance table; for more than 1000V motor with 2500V insulation resistance table. Insulation resistance per kilovolt operating voltage shall not be less than 1MΩ, and should be measured in the motor cooling state.

5, check the vibration of the motor ventilation and bearing lubrication is normal.

6, pull the motor shaft, check whether the rotor free rotation, rotation when there is no noise.

7, check the motor brush assembly and brush mechanism is flexible, brush handle position is correct.

8, check the motor grounding device is reliable.


In addition to the maintenance of such motors, other types of motors also need maintenance, how DC motors

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