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Italian Guests Come To Sinbad Motor Company Factory For Inspection
- Sep 10, 2018 -

On September 8, 2018, Italian customers came to Sinbad Motor Company for inspection and exchange. Hou Qisheng, chairman of Sinbad Motor Co., Ltd., Feng Wanjun, deputy general manager, and Lu Jun, the manager of Haiwai, warmly welcomed the guests at the company headquarters.


All employees of Sinbad Motor Company expressed warm welcome to the Italian customers. They briefly introduced the development of the group company, the industrial structure and the strategy of going global. They conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with customers on the application field of the hollow cup motor market. In-depth cooperation and agreement.


The Italian customers expressed their gratitude to Sinbad for their warm reception. They briefly introduced the relevant situation of the company, highly evaluated the workshop management level and operation quality of the group company, and hoped to establish friendly and cooperative relations with Sinbad Company to achieve win-win cooperation.

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