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Jingdong Logistics Fully Open Show Unmanned Aerial Vehicle And Intelligent Handling Robot
- Dec 19, 2017 -

Wang Zhenhui said Jingdong logistics for intelligent understanding includes three aspects: automation, data operations and intelligent supply chain.

      Jingdong Group today launched the "Jingdong logistics" brand identity, and formally announced that the logistics business in Beijing will be the way to brand-wide operation of the community open. At the same time, Jingdong Logistics also announced that it will fully move toward the strategic plan of "liberalization and intelligence" in the hope of becoming an infrastructure provider for the entire commercial community in China.

      Wang Zhenhui, senior vice president of Jingdong Group and head of Jingdong Mall operation system, said: "Jingdong Logistics hopes to open up the infrastructure, experience and value accumulated in the past decade to the whole society and help businesses reduce supply chain costs and increase circulation efficiency."

      According to the latest report released by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, China's E-commerce Logistics Index shows that by 2015, the total amount of socialized logistics in China has reached 219 trillion, the number of logistics employees has reached 30 million, and the number of logistics parks has reached 1,210 . Logistics industry into an important part of promoting China's economy.

      As of September 30, 2016, Jingdong Logistics has formed three network layouts for small and medium-sized logistics network, large-sized logistics network and cold-chain logistics network. It has 7 intelligent logistics centers, 254 large-scale warehouses and 5.5 million square meters of storage facilities , 6,780 delivery stations and self-service stations, covering 2646 districts and counties across the country.

      According to official introduction, the small and medium-sized logistics network has covered 93% of the counties in mainland China. The orders for 211 and the next day reached 85%. The large-sized logistics network has covered all the provincial administrative regions in mainland China and the cold-chain logistics network It will cover the entire country through fresh bales from seven places and are still in rapid expansion at present.

     Jingdong Logistics has become a solution provider covering integrated supply chain services such as warehousing, transportation, distribution, customer service and after-sales service.

     Wang Zhenhui said that after ten years of development, Jingdong Logistics has gone through roughly three stages:

     2007 -2009 is the start-up phase, Jingdong independent self-developed logistics business model, and gradually set up their own warehousing and distribution facilities and self-employed team, supporting the business scale Jingdong billion;

     From 2010 to 2015, Jingdong Logistics began to pursue the specialization and large-scale economic effects. Through the construction of No.1 in Asia, it will set the customer aging and service standards of Jingdong Logistics as the benchmark to support the business volume of 100 billion electricity and reshape Industry standards and rules.

     From 2016 onwards, JD Logistics will fully turn to the era of liberalization and intelligence through technological innovation and value output to promote the progress of China's business community.


      According to Wang Zhenhui introduction, with the trend of online and offline integration of the retail industry, customization and precision is becoming increasingly evident, at present China's logistics industry is still showing a high supply chain costs, social logistics is not perfect, the peak season customer experience can not be guaranteed And other new industry pain points.

      Large numbers of merchants have faced huge supply chain challenges in the retail transformation to the Internet +. Therefore, JD Logistics is determined to open up the infrastructure, experience and value to society.

      Wang Zhenhui said Jingdong logistics will provide businesses with online and offline, multi-platform, all channels, the entire life cycle, the whole supply chain integration of logistics services products. To this end, Jingdong logistics will open to the community three major service system: warehouses with integrated supply chain services, Jingdong Express service and Jingdong logistics cloud services.

      The first is a warehouse with one of the supply chain services, cold chain logistics and special logistics solutions.

      Jingdong Vice President, Jingdong Mall Logistics Planning Development Department Fu Bing introduction, Jingdong logistics will be for different industries supply chain characteristics and differences in the warehouse with one of the logistics services, to provide different solutions.

      For example, in the consumer products industry, the entire shelf life monitoring and management will be carried out. In the 3C industry, there is a meticulous management system for high value and serial numbers, more stocking logic for the apparel industry, Program, focusing on providing large appliances, home improvement, sports and fitness products such as warehouse, distribution, security integration services.

      In the cold chain logistics to provide the entire temperature-controlled multi-layer cold chain logistics products, vegetables and fruits, seafood, frozen and so on these fresh food opened priority distribution rights and green channels.(4070 coreless motor with planetary gearbox)

      In addition to warehouse integration services, Jingdong logistics also provides standard Jingdong Express service. Currently Jingdong Express has opened in 42 cities free pick-up, providing a variety of aging products and collection of money, insured, since mention and other value-added services.

      Secondly, JD Logistics is a provider of logistics cloud systems. By bringing Jingdong many iterations, optimized and updated business processes and systems to cloud, serve and other businesses, we solve the problems of merchants deploying systems and managing systems.

      In addition to facing the opening up of the whole society and industry, the next step of JD logistics will be to enhance the intelligence level of JD logistics through technological innovation, and focus on cloud computing, artificial intelligence and robotics to enhance the efficiency and experience of JD logistics.(4070 coreless motor with planetary gearbox)

      Wang Zhenhui said Jingdong logistics for intelligent understanding includes three aspects: automation, data operations and intelligent supply chain.

      First of all, at the level of automation and sports operation, Jingdong built 7 "Asia's No. 1" intelligent logistics centers across the country and put it into use. Jingdong also set up X Business Unit to carry out intelligent applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles and unmanned vehicles Development and application of logistics equipment.


      During the double 11, the unmanned aerial vehicles developed by Jingdong independently carried out rural distribution in Jiangsu, Shaanxi and Beijing, and Jingdong unmanned vehicles also delivered the first order. Jingdong robotic warehouse, robot sorting center, automated sorting center is also officially opened in double 11.


     Second, the digital operation of Jingdong Wisdom Logistics is horizontally distributed in the entire business process of warehousing, distribution, customer service and after-sales. It runs through the entire process of decision-making, forecasting, assessment and visualization management vertically and can utilize the big data to realize the flexible and reasonable allocation of inventory commodities. , To achieve the perfect balance between sales volume increase and cost increase.


     Finally, JD.com said it will build a smart supply chain that will enable it to self-learn, self-iterate, and self-decision-making and build a supply chain system that is low cost, visual, multi-purpose, low-risk and global.

     Xiao Jun, Jingdong Group Vice President and President of X Division, said: "The in-depth application of big data and artificial intelligence has enabled JD Logistics to achieve results in the fields of storage layout, picking route optimization, intelligent scheduling, road network planning and dynamic routing planning ; "

      Xiao Jun said, "and no manned warehouse, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, smart logistics will become more intelligent business map of Beijing Jingdong key links."

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