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Lack Of Manpower In The Field Of Logistics Start-up Robots To Send Documents Test
- Dec 19, 2017 -

According to Japanese media reports, the large-scale development projects such as Mori Building Co., Ltd. and other recently in Tokyo's comprehensive commercial facilities "Roppongi Hills" began in the building with the delivery of automatic delivery of robots using the elevator to send files test.

     Reported that due to the shortage of manpower in the field of logistics in Japan is serious, the move aims to improve efficiency by using robots.


    It is understood that the robot developed by the innovative enterprise ZMP (Tokyo). Length 133 cm, width 75 cm, height 109 cm, the maximum can carry 100 kg of goods. By enabling the robot to read the map ahead of time, the sensor can be used to confirm the surrounding conditions while moving to the destination at a speed of up to 6 km / h.

     4070 Planetary Gear motors

     The test will be implemented until March 2018. The robot takes the elevator to the office floor from the logistics center on the ground floor of the high-rise building and the ground floor shop to deliver goods and coffee. The elevator in the building can be operated by communication with the robot.

     On the 8th of this month, relevant agencies disclosed the process of transporting the goods to the office reception desk through the tunnel. However, there is also a case of a robot moving down the elevator. It may be an overreaction to those around us that will continue to be adjusted.

     4070 Planetary Gear motors

     It is reported that, ZMP also consider the implementation of robots through the common sidewalk test, but the subject is not envisaged robots driving in the sidewalk of the law, the company is mobilizing the government to improve the relevant laws. To take advantage of robotic sushi takeout, companies and large sushi takeover companies are still experimenting privately.

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