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Looking At The Progress Of China's Motor Industry From Historical Development
- Oct 22, 2018 -

The August 1st Army Day is the anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. It is held on August 1st each year and is set up by the Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Committee to commemorate the festival of the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army.


The reason why Nanchang Uprising Day became the People's Army Day was not only because of the Nanchang Uprising, but also the uprising became a watershed of the Chinese revolution, but also opened a new legend. In the end, New China was established! After several generations of hard work and hard work, China has become one of the largest countries in the world. However, there are still many high-tech industries in China that are lagging behind other countries, such as automobiles and medical care. In this era of rapid development, China has stepped into an era of automation and intelligence, and Sinbad Motor has resolutely It has decided to invest in the high-tech coreless motor industry. Over the past decade, it has continuously broken through the original restrictions and developed a number of special-purpose motors to help China's automation and intelligent industries develop rapidly. After more than ten years of development, Sinbad has developed from a small workshop to a multinational company today, relying on the responsibility of the rejuvenation of the national enterprise.

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