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Ma See Robots Will Take Away People's Work
- Dec 15, 2017 -

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"The robots will become as popular as automobiles and airplanes in the future and they will be part of our family." On June 18, at the world's first robotic Pepper conference in Tokyo, Japan, Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, predicted that " Robot industry will be leaping in 30 years. "

According to Softbank's Softbank Robotics Holding Company ("SBRH") robot "Pepper" is the world's first robotic products with feelings, according to Son Masayoshi, chairman of Softbank Group, recalled at the scene that when he was 56 years old, "Astro Boy" , I hope to give the robot a rich emotional heart.

On the same day, Alibaba Group also announced that it will inject 14.5 billion yen into SoftBank Robotics Holdings Corp. After the investment, Alibaba will hold 20% shares of SBRH.

Mr. Ma candidly stated that he had discussed for a long time with many questions related to "robots" and Son Zhengyi, chairman and president of Softbank Group, "will robots take away people's jobs?" "Do robbers commit crimes?" "Despite these worries, it is undeniable that autonomous robots planetary gear dc motors will be as popular as cars and airplanes and that robots will be part of our family, so we have to prepare and layout from now on "

In Ma's opinion, "We are moving from control-oriented IT era to DT (Data Technology) data age with the goal of activating productivity." The key to this shift is relying on big data and cloud services. Alibaba has a huge advantage in the field of cloud computing and big data, which will provide strong support for the development of smart products and robots. The robot of the future will become more intelligent and may even have the "human" perception, thinking and intelligence.

The following is the speech of Jack Ma:

Ma: Thank you. I was very happy to see such a Pepper. I was very excited when I was sitting there. I asked Dr. Sun what I said. He said you can do anything. Last year we saw Pepper for the first time. And a year later, this year is really very fast. It is also very gratifying. Many people have asked me what the robot will look like in the future? Will he rob us of our job? Many people have such anxiety, I am also a little worried. If there is any concern about the future, we must prepare now. This robot, whether you like it or not? Like a car, it's a machine, just like an airplane, which may become very popular and become a part of the family later. And it will play a very important role in this 30 years. In this 30 years, this industry will be further leaps and bounds. Each generation of each generation of technology continues to progress, for example, a hundred years ago with the second industrial revolution, many are not used to get people, but by the machine to carry and so on. After the second industrial revolution, another higher technology was produced, as well as a revolution in energy. Now that cars, ships, planes and all kinds of resources are born, we are now a third revolution, a technological revolution and an information revolution. The revolution in information revolutionized the mind of the robot, and I think there is no doubt that the robot will become more intelligent in the future.

How many people think it's smart to measure it? That is his memory is very good, it will not forget. For example, it will not feel tired, will not feel tired, in many functions better than people. What will people do? Because people are determined, they have feelings. Sun has a very courageous attitude towards people and Pepper as his heart. This is a very courageous challenge. I think this is the fourth revolution of human beings. People The mind, the human foot, finally gave the heart to the robot. People have feelings, Sun's vision is to give this heart to the robot. In this case, but also to further understand our own human beings, to understand our own inner world, through Pepper we can further understand our inner world. We are also looking forward to joining hands with Hon Hai Group and Softbank and our joint efforts to further enhance this technology. For a better future like us, the robot will become a part of our life whether we like it or not. The future is like this. We are now ready to do so and I am very pleased that we will be able to join hands and go to the world in the future.

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