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Machine Warfare Is Really Coming! Dubai Wants To Build A Robot Police Force
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Presumably we have seen the "Machine Warfare" this movie right, although the film was male host due to serious injuries was transformed into biochemical robotic police, but still feel cool, it is unavoidable fantasy around robots police will appear. Unexpectedly, this dream came so quickly. Recently, the Dubai Police officially presented a group of robotic police officers and intended to achieve the goal of using robotic police by 2030.



       It is understood that this robotic police called REEM, about 1.68 meters in height, weighing about 100kg, by wheel rather than feet action, but it is also equipped with "emotional detection device" to distinguish human actions and gestures within 1.5 meters , But also to identify facial emotions and expressions. In addition robotic police can see whether you are happy or sad, according to each other's emotions to adjust their facial expression and greet humans.


       We said earlier that robotic cops operate on wheels rather than on both feet. Although we all feel it is possible for our feet to run faster, REEM is not used to chasing criminals, at least not yet. At present, this robot police is mainly designed to help the public. Its built-in tablet on the chest can be used to interact with human beings, such as alarming, submitting documents or paying traffic fines. Robotic police can also discern directions based on in-body navigation systems and communicate with humans in six languages, including English and Arabic.


      By 2030, Dubai police said they expect robotic police to use 25% of the police as a whole, and using robotic cops will be much more efficient in 2030 because they do not need to rest, eat or sleep, and can work 24 hours a day jobs. Imagine the streets are robotic police patrol, the crime rate will be how to reduce a lot of it, after all, the robot is to follow the procedure, not to play a personal relationship can not be solved.

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