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Many Creative Industries Are Beginning To Use Robots To Work
- Dec 04, 2017 -

     Do robots are being used in the design boom of the creative industries, so do you know which creative industries are using robots to complete projects? Let's get together. First, in terms of painting. In 2013, a number of artists and studios started a cross-over project, using industrial robots to create paintings simultaneously in three European cities. This project also marks the development of art and technology. The company is located in:


      They provided robots with real-time tracking via satellite, and finally, these robots truly reflected the artist's movements and created the same works of art in three different cities.


      In 2016, Stefanie Pender took advantage of the technology she mastered and her interest in emerging technologies and taught glass making art to a robot. Stefanie Pender believes that by combining two seemingly disparate areas of knowledge, we can study whether human knowledge can be imparted to the machine.





     In body art, some artists have created an industrial robotic arm that automatically performs complex tattooing on our body. In addition to robotics, they also use coding and 3D scanning technology.



     At the Chicago Building Biennial, technicians brought in a 3D printing device created with innovative robotics. This 3D printing device brings with it a brand new, reusable construction material, a brand new state of the art in the building architecture state of the art.




     As far as construction is concerned, we have seen the robot's potential many times. Many experts continue to explore the impact of emerging robotics on architectural design and engineering.

It can be said that through the robot technology, creative industries can bring unlimited possibilities.




     Recently, 3D printing has largely gone hand in hand with plastic, and some manufacturers are beginning to break that model, so we see 3D printing beginning to be exploited in many areas. And with the robot technology to create a 3D printer, can even be used to create beautiful and elegant ceramics.




      Yes, some robots can learn music. For example, the robot "shimon" learns classical music through a variety of musical styles and musical performances through robot learning programs, and finally can play very complicated chord works for us. In this way, The work of humanity is difficult to complete.




      A 3-storey house, built by a two-meter tall construction robot, is cool. With entirely new robotics, we can drastically reduce the time it takes to build a building, and it will make the building even more dynamic.


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