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Medical Institution Generator Set Selection
- Mar 30, 2018 -

The generator set is an indispensable backup power supply for today's power supply system and is suitable for all walks of life. However, the units selected for use in different environments are also different.

With the continuous development of modern medical services, various medical equipment and facilities must keep pace with the development process, including power generation equipment. In order to avoid the medical risks caused by accidental power outages, hospitals must be equipped with backup power.

Medical diesel generator equipment must solve the noise problem, and it is best to be quiet type. The diesel generator noise can reach 110 decibels when working. In the hospital environment, it must be treated with noise reduction to ensure it is quiet enough. The environment ensures that the doctors work at ease and the patient is at peace.

Diesel generators for medical and health use must be self-starting, and require high sensitivity and good safety: Diesel generators should be converted to automated unmanned intelligence. When the mains power is off, the diesel generator can start quickly. , Automatically switch power supply with the mains, high sensitivity, good security.

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