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Micro-motor Industry Status
- Oct 16, 2018 -

Domestic demand for micro-motors has been growing since the 1980s. China has introduced more than 50 production lines to large-scale production of 25 major categories, 60 series, 400 varieties and 2000 specifications of micro-motors. The main products are brushed permanent magnet DC motor, low power AC motor, AC/DC series motor, shaded pole motor, stepping motor, vibration motor (for mobile phones) and so on.


       In 1999, China's micro-electric motor production was about 3 billion units, of which private and state-owned enterprises produced about 250 million units, and the sole-owned enterprises produced about 1.2 billion units. Hong Kong's output is about 1.4 billion units (Dechang's 1.2 billion units), Taiwan's output is about 180 million units. In 2000, the production volume was about 3.9 billion units, accounting for 60% of the global total.


      Up to today, our domestic high-tech micro-motors are also produced on a large scale, such as coreless brushless motors, coreless geared motors, and coreless servo motors. With the development of the domestic motor industry, the coreless motor has gradually emerged in the international market, and the micro-motors with high export technology content have already had a place in the world.

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