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Motor Control Technology
- Dec 17, 2018 -

Motor control technology


Motors are almost ubiquitous in all kinds of electronic devices in our daily lives, from small/medium-sized electronic toys, portable appliances/POS machines, as well as UAV, security cameras, inkjet/3D printers to high power production robots, factory automation equipment, etc. are equipped with motors inside. Good motor control is essential for smooth operation of the system and energy saving. Different types of motors have different requirements for control solutions.


Commonly used motors are mainly divided into DC motors, stepper motors and brushless DC motors. Among them, brushless DC motors have become mainstream technology because of their high reliability and energy saving. The European Union requires consumer electronics such as vacuum cleaners and air cleaners to use such motors. These motors are suitable for inkjet printers and UAV which requires stable imaging, photographic effects, and so on.


In the motor control system, to achieve precise control, efficient motor drive, excellent algorithms and precise sensors are indispensable. Motors require different topologies to support different speeds and modes of operation, and controlling the operation of the motor is a matter of learning. In addition to hardware technology, software assistance is required; in view of the fact that most system operators will need a streamlined design to reduce the board, so the high degree of integration of the motor control program is also a prerequisite. Combined with components such as microcontroller (MCU), galvanic isolation, motor control unit, and power transistor (MOSFET), the strategy is "not to SoC for SiP," in addition to meeting the needs of smaller terminal devices, also expanding the power supported application, and can save the process that was originally required in the PCB design and reduce the BOM cost for customers.

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